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Well, I pretty much never have anything to contribute to party planning as I tend to be the mom that would rather make memories than plan an over the top expensive and pinterest worthy party, but here I am. There are 3 things that helped us plan the best baptism for our little one but you could use them for any get together or party. So, first thing first, all photos are courtesy of Luczak Photography who I HIGHLY recommend. Like, for real. Book them.


1. Have someone else photograph

Since I’ve already mentioned it the number one best decision we made for our event was to hire our sweet friend Heather from, Luczak Photography to be there for the entire time. We chose her for a reason, she doesn’t need me. Seriously, she thought up brilliant photos all on her own without me giving her a huge list of what I wanted and then worrying about her the whole time. She captured beautiful moments and directed everyone so we could just relax.

DSC_0414 bw

That not only means that we got everything captured but it also means that everyone was always in the shot instead of mom or dad taking all the photos and missing out on the moments together. We plan to do this forever now. Like, major birthdays, big celebrations etc.DSC_0467 bw

And if you shop around you can find people that are willing to do trades, are interning, friends, or great prices. I love that about Heather, her prices are not astronomical but her photos look like they should be. Just check out this newborn session she did. Love it.


2. Hire out the food-

Honestly, I’m pretty darn good at making a menu, shopping on a budget, and prepping everything out so the day of an event it runs quick and smooth. But let’s be honest, the last thing I wanted to do was have anything to do on a special day. I wanted to watch every moment, chat with family, and take it all in. I didn’t want to worry about food at all and the best part? We actually saved a lot of money by hiring out. And who did we hire? Waffle Love.

wafflle love catering, the best choice we made for our daughter's baptism ohsweetbasil.com

I know, I’m a genius. They did everything. They were there on time, brought their own serving utensils, serving dishes, table cloths etc. The chef was professional and so kind and the food was an amazing hit. You guys, we walked in and the entire room smelled like waffle deliciousness and fresh berries. Are you sold yet? And he cleaned it all up!!! My girlfriend even texted me that they will be using them for a gender reveal party. Isn’t that a cute idea?! And I’m not kidding, we saved so much money!! I even made granola and brought yogurt for fruit and granola parfaits just in case someone wanted something lighter and I think maybe 2 people had some. The waffles were the star. And now I’m craving one.

How to get flowers for free for any event! ohsweetbasil.com

3. Flowers for free. πŸ™‚

No joke. Did you know you can call around to your local florists and ask if you can have their leftovers? Yup! We did just that and we ended up with WAY, WAY more flowers than we needed for 8 table centerpieces and the long tables. And they were beautiful. Now obviously this is risky so have a back up plan because someone could beat you to it, but I doubt it since we do it all the time now.

And a few more pics because Heather did such a great job that I can’t help it.


DSC_0397 DSC_0462 bw DSC_0470 bw

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