Baby Must Haves 4-12 Months

Must Haves for Baby up to 12 months

Baby Must Haves 4-12 Months

I’ve made a new discovery and I cannot stinking wait to go back! Have you heard of The Baby Cubby? Oh my gosh, I love their store! It’s here in Utah, but they also have everything online too so you can shop from anywhere! Wait, Stop, Hammer Time, no kidding it’s not hammer time but it is time  for a discount code!! Enter sweetbasil for 10% off now through next Thursday!

So first thing first, enter to win a $100 gift card then hop over to our instagram @ohsweetbasil to enter for a second chance to win $100 gift card. Woohoo!!

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I wandered around their store for over and hour and totally fell in love. But not just because of the products.

I ended up chatting with the employees and owner and discovered that this store is the most unique baby store I’ve ever been in. The staff is not only trained on everything they sell but they can even install your carseat. The whole idea is that when you go in they want their employees to actually be a resource for you. You can ask questions to your heart’s content because they’ve already done the research.

Drive Up Carryout or A Massage?

Oh, your babe just fell asleep as you pulled up and gosh darnit you just needed one thing!! That’s my life story since I’ve got two older kids and we are always running around. I mentioned how crazy it is in the store and they said, well you can always order online or someone will run out to the drive up spot, take your order and bring it out to you. Oh what?! I don’t even have to go in to buy something?! And then they said, and if you spend over $49 you can get a free $10 massage- from head to toes. I need one right now actually…

I can go on and on but here’s a few more things to know:

  • They price match, even Amazon- booyah
  • In store iPads so you can research anything you want
  • Couch and play area for the kiddos (hallelujah!)

You guys, I even follow them on instagram because their photos are beautiful and I love the messages they are constantly sharing. It’s all about the reality of motherhood AND fatherhood. Not just pretty mamas but real life, the ups the downs, the boogers and messes, the joys and heartaches. Hallelujah for a brand that gets that this thing called parenting is a real thing!

Must Haves for Baby up to 1 year

Ok, ok, I got distracted and no they didn’t ask me to say those nice things, I just feel like if you find something great you better tell everyone. But on with the products… And one more thing, we are still up in the air about the best portable high chair. We don’t love high chairs as they tend to be in the way, but we would love to hear what portable chairs you personally like.


You know we love our wrap, but we wanted something that made it even easier to carry baby while out and about on vacations or day trips and something Cade felt more masculine in 😉 We finally settled on the Ergo 360 because baby can face in or out and even go on your back but most importantly it’s ergonomically correct for baby so there aren’t pinched legs or squished bodies. 11355332

Oh, I cannot even tell you how weirded out by this I was, but I’ve become a huge fan! No, you absolutely will not ever get snot or boogies in your mouth, promise! But this thing sucks out way more than the hospital aspirators that we used to love. Just wait until your baby is all congested for the first time and can barely even nurse or eat because of the plugged nose and you too will end up buying one of these Nose Fridas. 14710902

As soon as this travel spoon is in stock I’m buying one. We are always on the go and the spoons are always getting nasty in the diaper bag. Love this travel one from Oxo.


And while we are on the subject of feeding. Cameron from Baby Cubby introduced me to these little guys and I think they are genius. Can’t wait to let our little guy try them in a few months. These little num num dips are great to help baby start feeding himself. One has holes so thick foods get caught and the other has depresses for food to get caught so either way it’s staying with the spoon as the little one learns to feed himself. Less mess equals happier mommy.


And for regular feeding by mom and dad, and sisters in our house because they have to be involved even when it’s quicker for me to do it (oh, haha I guess I’m feeling a little tired with the extra “helpers” today) we found these soft num num dippers. I love them because they are great for gnawing when teething and soft for easy feeding. Plus super cute, right?



These Tegu blocks come in bigger packages too, but for up to one year I feel like they aren’t necessary. What I really need is small toys that are contained so they don’t get lost and can keep our little guy entertained in church, stores or running errands. They have little magnets and are so stinking cute, plus we are all about wood toys.


We have yet to try the amber beads, in fact I’m still back and forth, but I know a lot of mommies swear by them so we had to put them on the list. Apparently the amber helps sooth a baby going through the pains of teething. The beads are individually knotted so if it breaks they wont go everywhere and there’s a breakaway closure so they wont ever strangle baby. download (1)

Dock-A-Tot is a new one and I wasn’t sure how I would feel but we LOVE it. It’s so easy to take anywhere for travel or even lunch at a friend’s house. It allows baby to nap no matter where you are and traveling you don’t have to haul around a pack and play!

baby clothes

Cute clothes are so fun for kids, but I also want soft, breathable, and most importantly long lasting because kid clothes get thrashed and I don’t want to waste my money.

PRD-KPF173-EPE download grey_stipe_sweatpants

Just a few option are HERE on the Baby Cubby site and all meet our standards of durability and snuggle factor.

This is our little guy’s favorite toy right now so I had to include it. He’s a little behind due to being premature but he’s starting to care about watching and holding things. This Oball rattle keeps him entertained, it’s not crazy loud like some rattes and it’s soft for chewing and holey for him to have an easier time with his developing motor skills. Yes, I said holey, it just is.

Baby has the softest skin at first but over time you learn that some babies have sensitive skin, their skin starts to dry out and the weather makes a difference. We’ve been loving Tubby Todd as it’s soft, natural, extra creamy and smells awesome!


Calmies are one of my MUST HAVES for babies and definitely for gifting. It’s easier for a baby to grab and hold, perfectly rubbery and full of texture for the teething baby and it’s made from all natural materials.wc_FPUT14_OnWhite_20141223_2581_c4aec52e-14a5-48c4-9833-d03b8619f705_grande


None of our kids walked until 13 months but they certainly needed shoes and ones that would last with dragging their feet everywhere they crawled. These are Freshly Picked and though we haven’t tried them we love that the are beautiful, high quality and durable.

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