Best Christmas Videos 2016

Best Christmas Youtube Videos 2016

Taking a quick break from the food to spend the weekend with our family. Christmas is a special season for us as we celebrate the birth of the Savior. Whether or not your family celebrates Christmas we thought you might enjoy some of our favorite videos. So snuggle up in a Saranoni Blanket, (you did buy one didn’t you? Most amazing purchase you’ll ever make. Like, ever.) and let’s laugh, cry and be inspired together. Merry Christmas, sweet friends. We sure love you and appreciate you coming to the site each day.

This is the full Mr Kreuger’s Christmas movie we were talking about on Facebook the other day and so many of you asked how to watch it. Well, a sweet reader sent us the full movie which was incredible, but I still needed to find it for all of you. I cry the ugliest cry each time I watch it, but it is still my favorite.

A little Lip Sync Action…

Kristin and Danny are my newest find and it totally made me want to force Cade to have a lip sync battle tonight. It’s happening.

We could watch this video a hundred times in a row and still not be sick of it. It moves us in a way no music video ever has before. Just wait until those last few seconds.

Let’s all just curl up for this one. It’s tender, sweet and ridiculously spot on. Which is why it makes me cry as well. Gosh, the truth is I cry in them all. lol, it’s not a hard thing for me to do!

I love this one. We’ve all had Christmases where our focus is anything but peaceful. I’m most grateful for the Christmas where we had nothing at all. We learned that money means nothing and that love is all that matters. There is a reason for the season.

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