Election Day Voting

We are taking a break from food today as we hope that you all have taken the time to cast your vote. I’ll be honest, Cade and I have been just sick about this election up until a few weeks ago when we finally felt complete peace. We’ve studied everyone out. We’ve prayerfully considered the candidates and chose to go with the one that aligned with our principles. Like my mom always said, Stand, alone if you must, but stand. So while we obviously wont be alone in our vote, we are choosing to vote from a place of peace and not fear and hope others will do the same, vote because they believe in someone and not merely to avoid someone else.

Oh, and since we are already voting, how about we end the real debate? Which is the better pet, a dog or a cat? How’s that for an election?!


Carrian Cheney

Lover of all things beautiful, good and delicious. Wife, mother, friend, foodie.