Eve Mattress Review and This Thing Called Life

So much to talk about from eve mattress (use basil100 at checkout to get $100 off your own mattress!!), to baby wearing and lack of sleep to room sharing. Let’s start with my favorite, the babe. I’m going to let Cade take this one as he’s sitting here dictating what pictures and thoughts we should share anyway, haha. 

Dad and baby ohsweetbasil.com

Sleep? What sleep? The past week our favorite super hero has decided that there’s nothing better than being up all night with Mom and I. Thankfully he goes back to sleep most of the time, but he’s up about every 3 hours this week. We are exhausted, but we aren’t complaining. Our second had so many tummy troubles she never slept more than an hour at a time until she was 9 months old. Now that was torture.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I resisted Carrian a bit about wearing our little man in a wrap. It didn’t seem very manly to me, but then again I don’t know a lot about it anyway, right? I mean, guys don’t notice other guys and what they are doing. Once I gave in to it I realized she was for sure right about one thing, it’s completely natural and very good for bonding.

Bonding. I’ve never had an issue with that. Anyone that knows me knows that I love the sweet babies. It’s such a short amount of time and they are so fresh and new to this life how can you not want to stare into their little eyes and wonder what they know?

4 months old ohsweetbasil.com

Today is also an important day as he is exactly 4 months old. Where has the time gone? It goes by so quickly and we are desperately trying to take it all in.

4 months ohsweetbasil.com

The girls still adore him and we are learning more and more that one of the greatest gifts we could have ever given our children is a sibling. They adore each other, and we are learning so much by watching them love each other. Puts things in perspective.

Siblings Should Share a Room At Some Point

Which brings me to something we wanted to put out there in the internet world. Let your children share a room. And when they don’t want to anymore, make them do it a little longer. I know! You’re already starting to disagree but let me tell you a little more.

We recently decided to get the girls new mattresses as they are getting older and with school being early and getting harder every year we’ve recognized that a good nights sleep is crazy important for these growing little ones. We researched the heck out of mattresses and finally settled on Eve Mattress. Here’s why… and you know we are picky, so while we are all going to like different things, know that we tell it like it is.

eve mattress ohsweetbasil.com

(All pictures were taken through the crack of their bedroom door. We told them they could play in their room but had to only be in there. It was so fun to watch them talk about what to do, play and whisper secrets)

*100 Day FREE trial. Listen, we were beyond frustrated with shopping in stores or being given a 30 day trial. Hate to say is but that’s a waste of my time. No one knows in the store what’s really going to feel good all night, and 30 days is not enough time. It’s really month 2-3 that you settle into the new feel and decide if you really wake up more rested.

*Cooling Memory Foam for the ultimate eve sleep. Are you a cool pillow fan? We are. In fact, our heat gets turned down every night because we sleep more comfortable when we are cool. Plus memory foam is so much better than those coils digging into your body and not supporting your spine and bones.

*Antimicrobial. Eve’s top layer is made from new generation memory foam which is fully antimicrobial.

*Guaranteed for 10 years!! A lot of the twin mattresses we looked at were 5. Um, that’s ridiculous. Our kids will be in a twin bed for at least 10 years so this is perfect.

*3 Layers! The eve mattress combines 3 layers to provide optimum support. Our high density base layer is the spine of the mattress and provides a foundation for the layers above. We are a big fan of layered mattresses as they allow support and comfort which is essential for a good night of sleep.

eve mattress ohsweetbasil.com

*Packaging. I mean, guys that sunny side up look and a box full of text is just dang fun.

Plus, you just open the mattress and put it on the bed and it fluffs up so no driving down the freeway or receiving a huge shipment of a ginormous box and mattress to haul around tight corners of the house.

And remember, you get $100 off by using this code to buy your own! Booyah!!! Just use basil100 at checkout!

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So what does this have to do with sharing a room? Well, we believe that our kids have actually benefited by sharing a room. They’ve got a special bond and I don’t know how we will do that for the little man, but I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than listening through the door as these two, 9 and 5 mind you, darlings whisper to each other about life or tell each other stories to fall asleep.

eve mattress ohsweetbasil.com

Not to mention they learn to share their space which they will have to share with someone eventually in life whether college or marriage. So creating a comfortable, happy room for them was a must for us and we did just that by starting with a comfortable mattress. And this is definitely the one that works for our family. Conforms to your body so you aren’t tossing and turning all night and keeps you cool for a restful sleep. Heck. Yes. to kids sleeping sound all night long.

We received our eve mattresses for our review. But all opinions are completely our own and wouldn’t be posted about unless it was pure awesomeness. 

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