Nutritional Facts on Milk

Nutritional Facts of Milk
 It’s time to get educated on the nutritional facts on milk. You are being a great parent, role model, and person for helping your kids drink milk, and you are taking great care of your own body when you do the same. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that if you are willing to take supplements, sweat blood and tears at the gym, limit carbs, and buy organic… the list goes on and on, you should definitely be able to handle one glass of milk a day for yourself and your children. Health is what I’d like to be rich in. Truth.
We’ve been stuffing our faces for the last few weeks and instead of throwing out some crazy 5 layer brownie or something similar today I thought that maybe everyone was ready for something a bit lighter. I definitely feel the need for some fresh, and healthy ideas and I bet some of you do too.

A little dairy can make you feel better and make healthier choices in your every day eating and drinking.

Did you know that…

                            “An 8oz serving of milk, flavored or not, gives kids as much…
*Vitamin A as 2 hard boiled eggs
*Riboflavin as 1/3 cup of whole almonds
*Phsophorus as 1 cup of kidney beans
*Vitamin D as 3/4 ounce of cooked salmon
*Calcium as 10 cups of raw spinach
*Potassium as one small banana

10 Healthy Recipe Ideas to Get You Through the Holidays

Looking to find some ways to incorporate healthier choices into your diet during this holiday season? We are too, so here are just a few ideas.

Lemon Curd Yogurt Parfait makes a perfect breakfast, snack or dessert
Yogurt Granola Banana Pops-Perfect for after school and the kiddos will love helping out
Garlic Dill Lettuce Cups (Seriously one of our favorites)


Check out the National Dairy council and the Utah/Nevada Dairy Council  for more awesome information.

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