Weekend Shenanigans

This isn’t a recipe, but occasionally we like to share what’s going on over at our house, so here’s our weekend shenanigans.

baby brezza

We got a Baby Brezza and have been blending our own food or fresh ingredients versus buying baby food and while I am aware that we’ve got a boy who could just be proving that boys are better eaters just because, it could also be at least a tiny bit that it isn’t jarred, preserved baby food.

It certainly looks different. I mean, usually peas and carrots are that nasty brown color but just look at these blending, so fresh! We decided that since all of our kids had issues switching to table foods, as in they suddenly went crazy picky and it’s overall just a great idea to serve fresh foods as the nutrition is better that we would try making our own. The Baby Brezza has a glass jar, easy to clean and can even steam the foods so it takes out a step for me! It’s really easy which is what I’ve worried about with each kid, I thought making baby food would be a big hassle but you just put it in and scoop into storage containers. No prep. So far so good and hopefully that wont change.

lower bell canyon resrevoir

We discovered some pretty amazing hikes here in Utah.


We went to lower Bell Canyon Reservoir and then tried to do Cecret lake but we had a lot going on and only made it about 1 ish miles in before we had to turn around. The shorter trail opens the 11th so we will try again!

cecret lake hike utah ohsweetbasil.com

I haven’t been to Stewart Falls so we would like to do that one. Any other hikes for Utah that you love?IMG_5911

Cade bought an adult scooter. I really don’t know what to say about this other than I totally teased him and then ended up using it myself. It’s kind of fun! Although, I’ll gladly admit that riding it with a baby strapped on him scares me.

There’s plenty more going on but you’ll have to follow us on Instagram for the rest, so we don’t take up too much space here. Just follow, @ohsweetbasil

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