Zermatt Resort Midway Utah This image from the Zermatt Resort 
Guess what? I’d never really been to Midway. I know, all of you Utahns are gasping. Well, what can I say? I guess I just need to do more exploring.
About two weeks ago some of us bloggers had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Zermatt Resort and can I just tell you that I was sold on it before I even stepped inside??!!! I mean seriously. It is AMAZING up there. You will not feel like you are in Utah. It’s suddenly green, rolling hills everywhere and this sweet little community. WOW.
Zermatt Resort Midway Utah
Zermatt Resort Midway Utah
Zermatt Resort Midway Utah
We had an amazing dinner at Schnejtters. And by amazing I mean, delicious, flavorful, perfect and wonderful. I mean, check out that strawberry shortcake! Hello sweet deliciousness! My favorite was actually the pasta. Isn’t that surprising?! I can’t begin to tell you how perfect it was. Especially the sun-dried tomatoes. PERFECTION.
After dinner we hurried into our bathing suits and swam in two beautiful pools, well mostly sat in the hot tubs, but hey, what can  you do?! The pools are connected so you can swim from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool. How cool is that?! Too bad I forgot a picture.
Zermatt Resort Midway Utah
Then it was back to the room where we talked until 4 am!!! We ate goodies, talked about blogging, etc. I was pooped the next day.
The best part about the resort was it was perfectly luxurious and it felt like home all wrapped into one.They have rooms of all sizes and I’m serious, they are so comfortable. The staff was wonderful. I so wish I had a picture of them in their lederhosen.
I don’t often come home from some place dying to go back asap. Don’t get me wrong, vacations are amazing and wonderful, but the place  you stay is usually just a place to sleep. A plain ol’ hotel. This was not the case. I was dying to stay for a whole week. It was lovely and you better believe that I will be taking my hubby back for a romantic getaway 😉

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