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I’d say that the food that goes along with football is pretty equal, if not better than the game itself. Now, you don’t have to get all crazy, I know some disagree, but my personal opinion is that the food is what really makes the Super Bowl, well super. The only problem is that the snacks are high in fats, calories and sodium just to name a few things. These 10 healthy Super Bowl snacks are not necessarily the healthiest choices out there, but they are much better than the velveeta cheese dip loaded with sausages and chili (which I actually think is secretly yummy). Plus, they are actually quite tasty.


Before we get into the actual recipes I wanted to mention the easiest and one of our favorite things to put out for parties. No, I wasn’t paid to say this though I was able to have snacks sent to me a while back to try. We looooove Kind snacks. In fact I’m eating the dark chocolate cinnamon pecan while I type. Trust me, no matter how much your guests love the junk food everyone wants something that isn’t so heavy and makes them feel better during the party and Kind snacks are the way to go. You’ll LOVE them. Go buy a whole bunch, place them in a large bowl and you’ll be surprised how fast they go.

10 Healthier Snack Ideas for the Super Bowl

(Most of these are pretty old posts so don’t faint at the photos)

  1.  Peach Pineapple Salsa
  2. Frozen Yogurt Sundaes
  3. Tropical Mango Chicken Nachos
  4. Fruit Salsa
  5. Cowboy Caviar
  6. Herb Veggie Dip
  7. Healthy Chocolate and Strawberries
  8. Pineapple Salsa
  9. Kettle Corn 
  10. Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

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