15 Minute Lunge Sequence

 15 Minute Lunge Sequence

This 15 minute lunge sequence will give give your legs an awesome 10-15 minute workout for each leg, depending on how many times you repeat the sequence. You will want to do each move for one min and immediately moving onto the next move until you have completed the four moves, then you can rest. Repeat 2-3 times then move onto the next leg. Its important that you keep good form and don’t let your front knee go over your toe.

Narrow lunge: 1 minute

Wide lunge: 1 minute

Pulse Lunge: 1 minute

Hold lunge: 1 minute

Rest: 1 minte

Repeat: 2-3 times, 4 times for more advanced


Legs are a large muscle group to work so make sure you eat good balanced meals throughout the day.


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