30 Day Push Up Challenge

30 Day Push Up challenge

Who here loves push ups? To be honest with you I use to not like doing push ups because I couldn’t even do ONE.. Yep! Thats right, ONE push up! Through my journey I have done a lot of programs that make you do push ups, like one of Beachbody programs called Insanity! After I started doing more I was becoming more strong and then I started to love doing push ups. I want to share with you this 30 day push up challenge so you will be able to bust out push ups.

30 Day Push Up challenge

 This challenge is set up to start on a Monday so that your rest days are Sunday. If you can’t start with 15 push ups than do as many push ups as you can until you hit failure then increase one a day from that number. I would recommend you to try to do as many as you can with out using your knees, then drop to your knees when needed.  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know how many push ups you ended with. You got this!


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