one thing I wish I could tell everyone wanting to lose weight like me

I’m so pleased to have my sweet, older sister here to guest post for you all. We’ve talked a lot about health/fitness lately in posts like the 5 commandments of weight loss, 6 moves for thighs like a dancer and so on.  We’ve had such an astounding response from you all about your own stories, struggles, goals and how much you’ve enjoyed these posts, but one thing in particular got an amazing response. A while back I posted about my sister on a throw back Thursday and how much weight she has lost. Wowza! We got so many comments and emails asking about her journey so I invited her here to share it and I hope you all will help support her by leaving your comments and sharing on pinterest and facebook. I love how one person can change others. So, take it away, Rachelle and let’s hear your 4 tips for major weight loss.

What would I change about my Weight Loss Journey? If I could go back and change just one thing about my weight loss journey, it would be to

Invest in Myself Sooner. Truly invest in my goal and myself.

one thing I wish I could tell everyone wanting to lose weight like me

Lesson 1: Are you deceiving yourself?

During the 10 years after High School, as I added the weight and then tried to lose it again, I sabotaged and deceived myself. I was not fully invested in myself. I bought exercise videos but skipped anything on the video that seemed too difficult. I gave myself frequent “cheat meals/snacks”. I would work out at a gym and then stop at a restaurant, order a small cheeseburger, cheesy French fries, and a small salad, which was mainly croutons and ranch dressing. I told myself that it was ok because it was smaller portions and the salad made it healthier.

one thing I wish I could tell everyone wanting to lose weight like me

(side note from Carrian. I’m allowing this photo even though I literally had a baby a couple of days later, but this was the first time I’d seen Rachelle since she had begun her journey and I couldn’t have been more proud of her. Plus, look how cute Cade looks. 🙂 )

Lesson 2: Support is necessary!

For a long time I had kept what I was doing a secret. Since I was certain I would fail, there were only 4 people who knew that I was attempting to change my life.  As it became obvious that I was losing weight, I became strengthened by the fact that more people knew. They could rally around me and help me to feel the love I and support I needed to feel like continuing the journey. Not only can you not do it alone, but you shouldn’t! There are ways to get support even when you think you are alone. I am now a Beachbody coach and I can even be your support! 

Lesson 3: Nutrition is more important than exercise!

Does that mean you don’t have to exercise? NO! It just means that there is very little value in exercising if you aren’t going to change the way you eat. I feel that change in your eating habits has to be a long term change. Temporary changes lead to temporary results. (Aka, kick the diet business because a diet ends, but lifestyle doesn’t)for the family

Lesson 4: You’re worth it and so are those you love!

In the beginning I didn’t want to waste any more money on trying to lose weight. We didn’t have much money for “extras”, especially fruitless endeavors. I didn’t really believe that I could lose weight, at least not enough to make a difference. But these faces made me look at things differently. I honestly believe that if I had invested the money in myself earlier, my journey would have taken less time. Investing money and time in myself would have provided me with the quality workout programs, both the nutritional education and healthy food, and the support that I needed to reach my goal in less time! More importantly, it wouldn’t have been so difficult to reach that goal! When you have a good support system and great motivational friends behind you so much more can be accomplished. The trials don’t end just because you reach your goal. I have to maintain the life that I’ve found, or rather, created. That is not an easy thing to do. I still need support and motivation just like I did when I started. I count myself very lucky that I have a phenomenal team, outside of my family, to help keep me on track!

one thing I wish I could tell everyone wanting to lose weight like me

Here is my story in detail. You can also find out more about the wonderful team I have supporting me and helping me to not only maintain my weight loss, but also to grow as a person and Pay it Forward on my blog.

If you have questions, would like to be on my fitness team, or are interested in finding out more about becoming a fitness coach, you are more than welcome to email me at Rachpatch (at) or visit my website at Beachbody.