5 moves for ripped shoulders

5 Moves for Ripped Shoulders

Shoulders are by far my favorite muscle group to work out! Today I want to share with you these 5 moves for ripped shoulders for the summer. When you select a dumbbell weight you want to make sure that its heavy enough but safe so you can do all the reps in good form. If you start the set and the weights feel too heavy than you need to go to a lighter weight.

5 Moves for Ripped Shoulders

You want to perform each move with the rep amount and repeat 3-4 times. If this is your first time working shoulders than start with only 3 sets of each move. Let’s get started!

Video 1- 12 Lateral Raises

Video 2- 15 Alternating Front Raises

Video 3- 12 Up Right Rows

Video 4- 15 Shoulder Press

Video 5- 10 6-Way Shoulder


5 Moves for Ripped Shoulders

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5 Moves for Ripped Shoulders

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