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72 Hour Kits From Texas

Hurricane Harvey is breaking our hearts but it’s also showing us that we need to be better prepared. The Ready Ark is a company based out of Texas which only hit my heart even more.

The ready ark 72 hour kits completely organized and filled then shipped straight to your door.

Krysta kept getting the feeling that she was supposed to do something, help in some way, but she wasn’t sure how. Living in Texas she began to see the reality of a natural disaster and seeing her children huddled up in a downstairs bathroom, their eyes pleading for reassurance and protection from her and all she could do was hold them. Everything stirred up action in her and the timing is not something we can ignore.

Just a few months after feeling so inspired to start The Ready Ark, Krysta and her family are living through a hurricane and she’s started selling emergency preparedness items just before it happened. She was meant to do this. We’ve bought ours and greatly encourage you to do the same. You just never know, even the solar cell phone charger could change your life if you cannot get power on.

I was raised in a home that taught us to always be prepared. We kept ourselves debt free, had a food storage (this is where you keep extra non perishable items in a storage room or wherever so that if ever a natural disaster strikes or a loss of a job your family and those around you can be cared for when grocery shopping etc isn’t possible.), and every year we refreshed a 72 hour kit which we did in fact end up using all of the above items.

72 hour kits shipped straight to your door.

I remember two big storms growing up that kept our family completely stuck in our home. One was a flood and the other was the craziest ice storm ever. Both knocked our power out for multiple days and yet as kids we had no clue things were so bad for others. We had a generator, food, supplies and my parents were helping everyone around us so it appeared all was well.

Fast forward 20 years and there have been worse financial times than what I grew up with and far, far more natural disasters. I remember someone saying it was odd that our family had 72 hour kits, which are backpacks filled with essentials like first aid kits, hygiene kits, food that lasts, water, and on and on. Everything you would need to survive 72 hours in the Ready Pak.

72 hour kits to buy

This was just a couple of months ago and here we are witnessing a natural disaster in Texas. Sometimes people start doing amazing things and we don’t notice for far too long. The Ready Ark must just be getting moving, but coming from someone who’s actively looking to make her family more prepared, this is where I settled to buy what I need and I thought that one of you may want to buy 72 hour kits from Texas as well. Someone who knows about the reality needing to be prepared.

Plus lucky you, she’s giving you free shipping. You’re welcome. Just check out like normal and there wont be a shipping charge. Hurry quick, be prepared and let us know if you have any questions on what else we do to prepare for emergencies.

Ps, how cool is that solar cell phone charger? I want that in my stocking and no, I’m not kidding. I remember my friend who was in New York for a natural disaster and people were hanging extension cords out windows for others to try to gain enough power to call family and let them know they were safe. Just sayin’, Cade, I want it.

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