8 Years and 8 Favorite Recipes

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Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary. 8 years!!! I can hardly believe it. We’ve lived in 6 states, moved 12 times and had two little girls. That’s quite a bit in 8 years, and it has been the best time ever! I love how much we’ve learned and grown together and I cannot wait to spend forever together. I know, pretty cheesy, but it’s totally the truth. Since today is a big day for us I thought I would share our “love story” and then 8 of our favorite recipes.

The Beginning



We met back in January of 2004. We were both living in Rexburg, Idaho going to school. In fact, school has just started again for the semester and that day I ran up to the library to fix something on my schedule before my next class. I was busy at the computer when Cade walked by to print something. We both smiled at each other, and I was quickly drawn to him. In fact, I secretly had the thought, “That’s who you’re going to marry.” Are you kidding me?! I had to hurry and look around in fear that somehow someone would have known what thought had just popped into my head. I refused to acknowledge the thought at all.  He seemed confident, but humble which was a big deal to me. Plus, he was handsome, which was also a good thing, but I did not want anything to do with a serious relationship. I had been dating someone, and was not about to think about dating anyone else, so I pushed the attraction out of my thoughts and continued on my way.

Later that week I was headed into the gym to teach Pilates, and lo and behold there he was again. Cade was busy personal training someone (who doesn’t love a personal trainer?!), and I was getting everything set for class. Ugh! It was so confusing to me at the time. I had been busy dating someone else that I knew wasn’t the right relationship, I was trying to figure out my life, who I wanted to be etc, and the last thing I needed or wanted was another boy to distract me. Again, I decided to not even think about him. And then Cade showed up at the door of my class.


engagement at the beach

We Could Just Be Friends, Right?

We spent the entire semester talking, flirting, and hanging out without a mention of it to anyone. I think both of us were avoiding getting into a relationship, and absolutely nothing happened between us. Anytime our friendship started to head in that direction we kind of went the other way for a bit. Cade was so easy going, and he seemed to always be doing something for someone. I loved that school was his top priority, and he clearly cared about his health (the man wouldn’t even touch sugar!!). In fact, he even came to my class a few times. He made my heart pound and I was completely drawn to him.


I was such a confused mess in my head. I did not want to like him at all. I just wanted to work hard on becoming my best self and getting done with college.  Somehow we made it through the semester as just friends. My major had been dissolved, so I would transfer schools in the fall and I knew Cade probably wouldn’t be there either. We parted ways, me heading off to Texas and then Chicago and Cade became the Student Athletic Director. Little did I know we would soon be crossing paths again.


One Day Can Change Your Entire Future

I had just moved to Utah from Chicago, and I was currently dating a boy. School started in just a couple of days and I was completely uneasy. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew something needed to change. I got down on my knees and prayed that I would figure out what I should be doing. As clear as day I felt like I was supposed to go back to Idaho and enroll in school there. UGH!!! I did not have any desire to go back there! School was starting, I probably wouldn’t get into my classes and how was I going to find a place to live?! On the other hand, if I didn’t I knew I would not feel the peace I had just felt. I packed up and drove to Idaho the next morning, found a place to live and enrolled in school which started a day later.


Sweet Basil- cade and carrian ohsweetbasil.com


Somehow I did end up in all of the classes that I needed, and my first class started early. I walked into Anatomy and Physiology and my professor quickly pulled me aside and said he was looking for someone to switch labs. I just so happened to have that hour free, so I agreed. Later that day I walked in and discovered that I had already been paired up with a lab partner, Cade. We were shocked to see each other. A few days later I was out on a date and while the boy was in his room grabbing his coat Cade walked in to hang out with one of the other roommates. He motioned to me to call him later, (I actually ended the date early just to be able to do so! Eeeeek! I still feel a little guilty for that) and we’ve been together ever since.


I think back to that decision to move back to Idaho often. There was nothing for me there, Cade and I hadn’t even spoken one single time over the summer, and yet if I hadn’t been quick to listen to the feeling I had my life wouldn’t be what it is today. Cade’s my everything. We are happiest when we are together and we literally make each other better. I love that. I love that we are growing together and that I get to be married to someone I adore, and who feels the same about me. Sometimes a leap of faith changes the course of our lives forever.


Cade’s Favorite Recipes

 fried tortellini

Fried Tortellini

strawberry salad with brown sugar almonds and lemon dressing ohsweetbasil.com



Strawberry Salad with Brown Sugar Almonds and Lemon Dressing


grilled naan pizza ohsweetbasil.com


Grilled Garlic Naan Pizzas


pork nachos


Pork Nachos with Pina Colada Sauce

Carrian’s Favorite Recipes

15 minute pesto pasta ohsweetbasil.com


15 Minute Pesto Pasta


steak burritos with spiced crema ohsweetbasil.com

California Steak Burrito with Grilled Zucchini

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate center ohsweetbasil.com

Peanut Butter Meltaways

lemon strawberry shortcake ohsweetbasil.com



Lemon Strawberry Shortcakes


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    Warmly, Michelle

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  14. How could I not comment? I love you guys and I love your story. I’m so blessed to have friends and examples of real love like you and Cade. ❤ …and clearly…don’t feel bad about ending that date early…we’ve all done it!

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