Last week we had Jess Kettle come out to the house for shooting the new cookbook cover and you guys, I think we got it!

I cannot wait to see how the photos turn out and more importantly I cannot wait to share with you this thing, this love that we are creating in the book.

A photo of a mom in the kitchen with her three kids.

It’s seriously been an incredible journey. You’ll hear from the kids, stories about growing up and how I still have major recipe fails. Did you know that to this day there’s not a single recipe for this particular food on the blog because I cannot figure it out?! (Do you know what recipe it is?)

New Cookbook

You’ll learn all about cooking from the very basics to making a full meal for dinner. It’s about you. It’s about your kids. Or it’s about the girl heading off to college with our book in hand because it will give her everything she needs for being on her own. Yes, that includes how to take care of a home and even laundry!

I cannot wait!!!!! And don’t worry, there’s even appearances from Cade and my parents!

Creating Memories in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where it all began for me, the heartbeat of my very soul. If you look at your own story, I bet there are recipes that remind you of people, moments and love as well.

Welcome to our home. ❤️