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Want abs that rock in 10 minutes a day? Dedicate yourself to a healthier breakfast and lunch and 10 minutes of these abs!

Want abs that rock but only have 10 minutes a day? ohsweetbasil.com

Abs are one of those areas that everyone wants to be toned. It doesn’t really matter who you are, male or female, young or old, everyone feels good when their belly isn’t hanging over their pants.

Here’s the thing though, most of what your stomach looks like actually comes from what you eat. That’s true for your entire body, but especially the stomach. If you eat junk chances are it will manifest right there. But when you make healthier choices you can trim down and take advantage of these moves for abs that rock in 10 minutes a day. And don’t worry, you can always check out the healthier recipes page if you need some inspiration in that area or health and fitness for different workouts like the 6 moves for thighs like a dancer. And every Tuesday we will be back to share a healthy recipe, idea or workout. Here’s to actually taking better care of our bodies.

Want abs that rock but only have 10 minutes a day? ohsweetbasil.com

1. Reverse Crunch-Works Lower to Upper Abs

Lay down flat on the floor and pull your knees into your nose keeping your belly button pulled down and into the floor. Stretch the legs straight out in front of your body, lowering them to about a foot off of the floor while still pulling the belly button down, then slowly pull the knees back into the nose. Repeat for 32 reps, going as slow as you can.

*Advancing to a slightly harder move~ Keep the toes pointed and slowly bring the legs as close to the floor as you can without touching the ground.

Want abs that rock but only have 10 minutes a day? ohsweetbasil.com

2. Hip Raises-Works Lower Abs

Lay flat on your back keeping the belly button pulled down and into the floor. Lift the legs straight up in the air, pointing the toes. Lift hips directly up and down engaging and using your lower abs.  Don’t swing legs, but lift straight up and down slowly for 32 reps and then double time for 20 reps.

**TIP** Don’t worry as much about having perfectly straight legs in the beginning. Instead concentrate on lifting with control and not pressing with your hands into the floor.

Want abs that rock but only have 10 minutes a day? ohsweetbasil.com

 3. Bicycle Abs- Obliques (Get rid of those love handles!)

Laying flat on the floor, lift the legs 6 inches off the floor. Bring the opposite elbow to knee, keeping your toes pointed, and the bent leg’s toes glued to the opposite knee. Change directions , switching legs so that the opposite leg is now straight out in front of you and the other toe to the knee. Make sure you’re engaging your core and bringing the belly down to the floor. 32 reps (one rep would be twisting to the right and left side).

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  1. Combine these exercises with a smart diet and you’ll get rock hard abs in no time. I love how they simple they are but if done properly a 10 min session will leave a nice burning sensation in your belly:)