Andes Mint White Chocolate Oreos


Andes Mint White Chocolate Oreos


Have you ever had a cookie so good that you know it’s best to not make it again until you have guests over? This is the cookie for me. They are really soft, flavorful and rich, but they are also addicting. I could totally eat myself sick on these andes mint white chocolate oreos. They are that good. No matter how full you are or how sick your belly is getting from overeating you’ll find yourself reaching for one more. It’s sad isn’t it?


Click THIS LINK for the RECIPE

One of my sweet friends, Joanne from Fifteen Spatulas is one of the most darling and talented people out there, but she’s also carrying a heavy burden right now. After going through her spine surgery a while back they discovered a mass during physical therapy that would require more surgery. She’s so young to be going through such major healthy trials and you can read more about them here. I do hope you’ll hop over and leave her a little love. I’m pretty sure our readers are the best around and tend to also be the most kind spirited so please let her know we are thinking of her. In an effort to help her take the time she needs to heal I’ve posted these awesome cookies over on her site. So don’t be worried that the recipe isn’t posted below, just follow this LINK for the recipe and you can read all about our ding dong ditching and these andes mint white chocolate oreos.


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9 comments on “Andes Mint White Chocolate Oreos”

  1. You are so kind, Carrian, thank you for guest posting these for me. I’m so, so grateful. Thank you for visiting me in the hospital too <3

  2. how do I get into the recipe?

  3. What did you use to scoop the batter & how many does it make?

  4. well, where is the recipe ??????

  5. That recipe is incredible and thank you for introducing me to Joanne’s blog!