When everything was finally a go and we were expecting a baby I knew  there were a few things that I wanted. I wanted a really clean and light nursery. One that wasn’t bogged down with a bunch of colors and patterns but instead gave a breath of fresh air and peace. This was a long pregnancy for us and you can read more about that by clicking on HYPEREMESIS here. But in the end we knew this little man would be a nothing short of a miracle and great blessing to our family and I wanted his room to reflect that in a way. And we want you to have fun decorating too, plus it’s always time to celebrate a new baby so follow us on INSTAGRAM and enter a $250 giveaway!

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

Cade surprised me with what I consider to be the perfect crib. It’s from Bratt decor and I love that you aren’t sure if it’s vintage brought back to life or brand spankin’ new. It’s classic and simple, but a total show stopper too. I went into labor a month early and then due to a baby in the NICU I chose to board at the hospital to make feedings easier on us. When I walked in the door I not only felt overwhelmed with gratitude that we had a baby and got to bring him home to be a forever family but I also was brought to tears to see this beautiful crib sitting in his room. It is exactly what I wanted. Bratt Decor is so much more my style The cribs and bedding are timeless and beautiful and their decor is as well. I’m a bit of a hoarder of mirrors. I love that they reflect light and brighten everything up, which not to get sappy but that’s how Cade and I feel about life, we just want to reflect light and good things. Anyway, they have a beautiful mirror I’ve got my eyes on but for now I’ll just be content with the perfect crib.

faux fur rug ohsweetbasil.com Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

Now, let’s go over the rest of it and before I do, the nursery is so not finished. I need to get all of the baby pictures in frames and there’s a whole blank wall I want to finish up with a shelf etc but I’ll tackle that when I can stop snuggling him so much. 🙂 The bedding is especially lovely. I’m picky and I’ll admit that. I wanted something that would be beautifully made and offer a little texture without being scratchy. I actually searched our entire pregnancy and decided on Lovely Home Idea. They just had the quality, simplicity, beauty and texture I loved. And guess what, it was even better than I had expected when it arrived.

Little Unicorn Blanket ohsweetbasil.com Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

Everyone who sees us with this blanket and these burp cloths comes up to ask where we got them so just a heads up, the blanket is incredible and my all time favorite from Little Unicorn. You can see another photo of it below.

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com Witts End ohsweetbasil.com

And the burp cloths from Witts End Design.

The wooden framed art, Ladies Love a Gentleman and I love you a bushel and a peck are from the super talented SK Wood Designs right here in Utah!

I never understood this whole deer head thing and then last year I suddenly embraced it. When it’s done right and the right size I actually think it adds a little beauty and wonder to the room. His nursery has a slight woodland theme and after searching and searching I discovered Near and Deer for faux taxidermy. You guys, something has happened to me and I suddenly want to buy all sorts of things from them! It’s really well done and the price is perfect.

Now don’t worry, once we put him in the crib we moved on from the stuff that shouldn’t be in there, but the nursery still has a few favorites like this lovely pillow from Posh Pelts. Have you seen their shop? I desperately want a throw now. And then there’s the cute fox (why are foxes so wonderful right now?) from The Land of Nod.

Baby boy nursery storage baskets ohsweetbasil.com Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

But then I really got excited when I also found these darling baskets! We got two from The Land of Nod, one for books by the glider and another for toys. We will do another post to fill you in all of that because boy did we find some must buys over there!

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

We’ve fallen in love with Wayfair and so much of our choices came from there. In fact, that’s where we found the pillow from Posh Pelts.Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

We also got thegold pillow, two darling little lamps that I absolutely love, and the faux fur rug.

Glider pick for nursery 2015 ohsweetbasil.com Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

Most importantly, and this is the only thing I desperately wanted with this baby, we found a simple, neutral glider that swivels as does the foot stool.  I’ve never had a rocking chair or glider and I really wanted to snuggle this baby and enjoy every moment with him. It’s ended up being a place that I snuggle all of the kids. We read stories, rock a baby, and just watch the snow falling out the window. Who knew that a chair could be such a source of peace. If there’s one thing you buy with your next baby make it this glider and don’t worry about spoiling a baby, just take in every moment together.

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, I went a little Wayfair crazy as most of our stuff is from there, well you’re right. In fact I’ve been on the phone with my mom all week helping her order a rug from them too. And don’t worry I’ve now started shopping for everything else for our home at Wayfair. I can’t stop! If you follow on pinterest I’m sure you’ll notice all of my finds popping up. #can’tstopwontstop

Baby Boy Wall Art ohsweetbasil.com Baby Boy Nursery Ideas ohsweetbasil.com

The three prints are from Wishful Printing and I like that they are simple, but still something to talk about. Hello Handsome is something we say pretty much every time he opens his eyes so it couldn’t be more fitting, and Be Brave I felt fit because he must be one little fighter to have survived that pregnancy. I want him to continue to be brave and to stand, even if he has to stand alone at times.