Back To School Giveaway

Back to school giveaway Amazon

Hello, friends!

By now, I imagine there are lots of you who have kids already sent your kiddos back to school or those of you who are sending those rascals back!

Next to Christmas, I swear this time of year is the next most expensive. Between new school clothes, school supplies, back packs, lunch boxes and all the other miscellaneous expenses that seem to pop up, my check book takes a big hit!

Well, this year, I decided to partner up with some of my blogging friends to offer all of you a chance to win $500 worth of goodies from Amazon! Who couldn’t use an extra $500?

Be sure to use the widget below to enter 🙂

Good luck, friends!

Back to School Giveaway!

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87 comments on “Back To School Giveaway”

  1. How generous of you!

  2. I love Amazon. It would be really hard to narrow down exactly what to get but I’m sure I would end up with something off my wishlist.

  3. thanks for the giveaway! I would try to stretch the $500 as far as possible Probably some school supplies for my second grader and kindergardener and some supplies for the baby that is coming the beginning of November. Thank you again!

  4. I would use it towards a laptop, I’ve been wanting one for awhile!! Thank you!!

  5. I know what you mean about the back to school costs being next to Christmas. I’ve bought some of their things and even with using things we already had, it’s still a ton of cash!

  6. I would use the gift card to buy new decor for my daughter’s room. Like new bedding and curtains.

  7. I buy all of my household goods from Amazon

  8. I would buy a new laptop! Thanks for that chance!

  9. I would use it for Christmas gifts for my kids.

  10. I would buy a kitchen table for our new apartment!

  11. I love Amazon and I would love to buy some new bike helmets for my kids.

  12. Some more baking books 🙂

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win this! My son is working to save for college and this would be amazing.

  14. Awesome giveaway! I would purchase a new set of pots and pan, bookshelf and new clothes!

  15. I would buy a few cookbooks and baking items I’ve been eying!

  16. I would buy an iPad

  17. I would purchase items for my kitchen, and a new set of dishes and flatware.

  18. i think i would buy some things to help me finish remodling my bathroom after my tub cracked have my new tub in but gees went from a 700 tub to new vanity new light and heater fan to new faucets mortar and surround its so much this would ease some of the tension by buying things i cant right now to put some touches to it

  19. I would help my son with college costs.

  20. I would love to win this!

  21. I would help my niece with her college supplies. Her first yr away from home. ?

  22. I need a new laptop, great giveaway!

  23. great giveaway, I need to get a new laptop soon and that would definitely help!

  24. I order everything (nearly) from Amazon all the time. LOVE Amazon!! With this card I could really have some fun and share too. I love buying gifts for others (cookbooks for one!) and cool baking pans or fun new kitchen tools. And Christmas is coming up…$500 would get me started right. Gift cards, baking stuff, etc. Great giveaway!

  25. I’d use the giftcard to buy some of my textbooks!

  26. I’d buy a new coffee table or potentially a new playstation (our old one just died)

  27. I don’t have (nor do I want) Twitter so it looks like zero%chance for me but thank you for offering a wonderful giveaway.

  28. It would be great to buy some supplies for homeschooling! Thanks!

  29. I could always use something from Amazon. I love everything they have. Books, DVDs, music, foods, etc.

  30. I would use for grocery’s to buy lunch box supplies.

  31. love your blog – can’t wait to make that snickerdoodle zucchini bread!

  32. My step-son is getting married in October, it would be part of their wedding gift!

  33. Iwould buy baby stuff for my 3 month old baby!

  34. Basic household needs… and, as always, more cloth diapers!

  35. I would buy new baking supplies and gadgets!

  36. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  37. I know what I’d do: buy a new KitchenAid stand mixer!

  38. I love your site. Been on since I first discovered you could subscribe to threes food blogs. it’s a favorite.

  39. I hear ya! This would sooo help out with back to school, and a couple of other things!

  40. I would apply it toward a purchase of a Vitamix.

  41. $500 could help quite a bit…just seems like I’m always using Amazon as my drugstore!

  42. I would buy winter clothes for my family and a few cookbooks for me!

  43. Perfect timing to have a giveaway and who doesn’t love Amazon?! My little (and me;) could definitely use it for some new kicks….and the hubby too☺️

  44. I don’t have kids in school but i have a 3month old that is not wanting to sleep and this would allow me to buy some different things to try for her to help her sleep!

  45. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks.

  46. I have a teenager, who doesn’t get a supply list in advance, so everything will be after the last minute!

  47. I don’t comment often on the blog, but I’m just seizing the occasion to tell you how much I appreciate what you post.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway too! 500$ would definitely help with the back to school craze!

  48. I am a teacher and I can definitely use $500 from Amazon in my classroom!

  49. I have 12 grandchildren—need I say more!

  50. I would use it to by things for our new house.

  51. As homeschoolers, we pay the same public school taxes as everyone else, but we also have to buy all of our own curricula. It’s an expense we gladly bear, but the $500 would surely be a blessing.

  52. I would like to help out a teacher. Imagine her cost for all of her students.

  53. I would like to help out a teacher. Imagine for much it cost her for all of her students.

  54. I would buy new clothes and supplies for my kids.

    • Me too. I was shocked at how expensive is it to buy supplies. First kid going off to school this fall. Supplies along were over $60. Haven’t even bought any cloths or backpack yet.

  55. with four kids its like a mortgage payment buying books and supplies for back to school!!

  56. No young ones to send back to school but I remember how expensive it was with just one in school. The gift card has so many possibilities.

  57. College expenses are just ridiculous!

  58. I will use some to donate supplies to needy kids in my hometown.

  59. There are so many things I could buy with this gift card! Books, toys, kitchen supplies, clothes and shoes for the kids … Thank you for the opportunity!

  60. I would buy Christmas gifts for my family; books, music, kitchen helpers, etc

  61. An Amazon gift card would be amazing! What a great way to start the school year and help my budget too!

  62. With that gift card I could get anything I wanted, and it changes from moment to moment. Books, tablet, books, Ninja blender, books.

  63. If I should win I would put it toward our families Christmas gifts for the year. That would be a big help

  64. I would that gift card for early Christmas shopping and my daughter’s birthday.

  65. I would probably buy more school supplies! It seemed like the first two weeks we get daily requests from classes that wasn’t on the syllabus at the start! 🙁

  66. I would start to buy for Christmas! Plus a few things for our family room that we just finished. Thanks for the chance!

  67. This GC will enable me to buy all those things from home that you don’t want to leave the house for!

  68. I have so many kitchen things in my Amazon wish list that I would buy, starting with a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and a cast iron skillet!

  69. Thank you for even making this possible. As a teacher, I certainly know how expensive it is to start the year.

  70. Online shopping is one of God’s great gifts to moms with young kids!!!! I’d love $500 to enable me to shop from the kitchen table instead of going insane with 5 kids at the store!!!

  71. Just new to your great blog! I would love a new light fixture and shoes! Fun!

  72. Okay, I don’t have little ones YET, but my wedding is in November and I’d LOVE to use this gift card towards a camera for our DIY photobooth!

  73. New kitchen pans!!!

  74. Oh I’d get a bunch of books for me and all my boys. Some clothes. Maybe Halloween costumes. Oh there’s so much I could get!

  75. I could just paste the supply list here, itgets longer every year. One is starting college and now needs items for her dorm room.

  76. Amazon is the best for my needs as a mom and a special education teacher, this would be fantastic!!!

  77. Clothes! My little weeds keep growing out of everything I buy them!

  78. I buy as much as possible on Amazon. Dog food, toiletries, vitamins… recently arrowroot powder. I’d love to be able to go on a pantry shopping spree and get all those great ingredients that I can never seem to track down at my local grocery store. Thanks so much for hosting!

  79. I’d get new tires for my Double Bob jogger! So excited to get back to running now that the older ones are back in school. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. I would buy lots of kids’ books!

  81. I use Amazon daily, being a working mom I usually can get my loot before I would make it to the store. Kids books, diapers, cell phone cases, you name it.

  82. Shoes! Books! You name it!

  83. Who couldn’t use $500 from Amazon?