The day is here!! We have an exciting announcement for how you can Be Featured on Oh Sweet Basil! We’ve talked a lot about how Cade and I care about our readers the most, so let’s chat!

quick and easy, moist lemon jello cake is pretty much our all time favorite dessert right now!

When we first started Oh, Sweet Basil it was a chance for us to share recipes we were finding and enjoying as a family or favorites we had grown up on. The more we shared recipes with our friends and neighbors the more they shared their favorites with us. For example, our friend Sarah had no idea she would be featured on Oh Sweet Basil but our readers ADORE her Lemon Jello Cake!

What does this all mean though?

It means we don’t want to do this all on our own. Yes, we are bursting at the seams with ideas and we will have to sacrifice a little here and there in order to squeeze in another recipe, but it’s totally going to be worth it! Our readers can now share their favorite recipes with us, we will make it and photograph it, write down any tips or tricks and share it on our site, mentioning you, who you are and even sharing a photo if you’d like.

a purple plate with a fork with a wood handle next to a ground beef and rice casserole full of bits of bright orange carrots and melted colby jack cheese all over the top.

Mom’s Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice Casserole

Some of our favorite recipes have come from other people and we know all of you have a family favorite recipe that knocks the socks off of all others, but wouldn’t a platform with a few million people seeing it be so much more fun?!

The best part is, it gives us all a chance to hear everyone’s stories get to know each other and really build a community. In fact, Cade’s current job came to be because of a friend, so you just never know, a shared recipe could create new friendships and maybe even end up blessing your lives in ways you don’t even know you need yet.

Here’s how it will all work;

You have two places you can submit a recipe.

  1. On Facebook in our VIP Oh Sweet Basil Group.  Facebook is our preferred method for submission as it won’t clog up our email, is easy to share with others quickly and you can quickly add a photo so we can see what the dish should end up looking like as well. Just use the link above to head to the group and request to be a member. It is a closed group, but it’s totally free.
  2. If you don’t have facebook or just want to use email (again, we would really, really prefer facebook) then shoot us an email with the recipe and any photos you have to

If all else fails you could use Instagram DM as well, but things are a little more tricky as they are so small on that.

Cheesy egg and sausage breakfast enchiladas casserole to feed a crowd

Cheesy Salsa Verde Sausage Breakfast Enchiladas

Once a month we will choose one lucky reader to feature their recipe! It’s very important you give us an easy way to contact you through email so that we can notify you and ask any important questions.

We cannot wait to get cooking together and switch things up by trying some of YOUR favorite family recipes!!