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Best 6 Free and Under 20 Minutes Workout Videos

These are the best 6 free and under 20 minutes workout videos on youtube! Make sure you save this post so that you can work out every day from home!

 Best 6 free and Under 20 Minutes Workout Videos. ohsweetbasil.com.jpg

Since we’ve started posting more about our love for health and fitness like our almond joy protein shake and my 6 favorite moves for toned thighs we’ve had a flood of emails encouraging us to post more about what we do and how we stay fit. My girlfriend and I were chatting about how sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to drive to a gym or get in a long workout and I mentioned that there are these videos that I love to use. So, here’s everything all in one place, what I consider to be the best 6 free and under 20 minutes workout videos. Sometimes I’ll do one video, or I’ll do each video for a long workout, or lastly I’ll choose one video and repeat it. I do that most often with the Tracy Anderson videos. You will be sore the next day. I promise.

1. Killer Gymnastic Ab Workout

I think this is actually one of the first mini workouts that I did using an online video. I happened upon it at no other than pinterest and I still think it’s a fantastic ab workout for those days that you just don’t have time for anything else.

2. Tracy Anderson Arm Series Without Weights

Dude, this isn’t even 10 minutes and the first time I did it I think I made it halfway through. My arms were burning and I attribute the definition in my arms to this video. It’s the first thing I did to really try to see change in my arms. I did it 5 days a week for one month and I cannot tell you how much my arms shaped up!

3. Build a Better Bum

My buns totally burned and it’s under 20 minutes!

4. 20 Minute Fat Blasting Workout

This is only a 20 minute workout but you’ll get that heart pumping and feel the burn!

5. 15 Minute Epic Cardio Boxing

I like this workout because it uses everything. I feel like my whole body gets into the workout and I love adding the weights and trying to do extra reps.

6.  Arm Pyramid

This is one of my favorite arm workouts! Unfortunately it won’t let me embed it but it’s worth it to click out and go to the Jackie Warner Arms Workout!

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10 Minute Abs

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Our Must Have Cozy Fall Recipes 🍁

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  • I’m trying to find the arms workout on Youtube so I can add it to my fitness play list. I cannot find it. Much easier to view things on the TV via the Youtube app vs. your blog page. Even though on the blog page I can go full screen with the video it won’t let me pause, change volume, etc. It really is a hassle unless it can be set up perfectly before starting and done without interruptions. Is there an exact link you can share so I can find it on Youtube?

    • Reply
    • I’ve got it figured out, sorta. The Pinterest description said videos were Youtube when in reality they are all not on Youtube. I did search and find a full workout by Tracey that includes the arms. I will have to watch the whole thing but I am hopeful it will include some of the butt/thigh workout. My husband took a look at the settings for the video on Daily Motion and said there is no making it better quality. The butt/thighs one is incredibly blurry. At least with the full work available via Youtube I can stream it on the TV.

      • Reply
      • Oh dear, some have moved. We will have to rewrite the post. It seems you tube deleted a bunch. 🙁

  • I love squeezing in quick workouts when I can! Have you ever tried any of the Tone it Up workouts? They have some great ones as well for 20 minutes and under to get your heart rate up and get a great workout in! http://www.toneitup.com

    • Reply
    • I need to try that!

      • Reply
  • These 6 videos are really useful, especially I can do it at home. I quited the gym class around 3 months ago. Now maybe it’s time to begin it again 😂 The workout for belly is the first thing I have to do!!!

    Btw, the link #2 and #3 are missing, check it out!

    • Reply
    • Oh thank you! Looking into it!

      • Reply
  • There are a ton of free workouts on Pop Sugar Fitness — you tube.

    • Reply
  • I want to reduce my body fat, specifically from my belly and boobs, please help.

    • Reply
  • the link for the model workout is not working. It says error link not found

    • Reply
  • I’ve been looking for something for my arms although I’m not sure I quite get what she’s doing every time.. I’ll try it later and see!

    • Reply
    • It is for sure the oddest arm series I’ve ever done but once you’ve seen it a few times you can follow along perfectly, you just may not be able to keep your arms up the whole time. 😉 I know I couldn’t!

      • Reply
  • Pinning! Totally using this, I’m one of those people that HATES the gym, I don’t know what it is, I just feel like everyone is watching me. So I have an ellipitcal in my basement I use, but all that does is make me lose weight not tone up. I need to try these! Especially since I need to be in a bikini in less than three months.

    • Reply
    • I seriously love them!

      • Reply
  • Oh I am so bookmarking this!!!

    • Reply

Our Must Have Cozy Fall Recipes 🍁