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Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck

Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck

We cannot wait to tell you about Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck! Ever since regular morning sickness has settled in instead of Hyperemesis Cade and I have wanted to get out and really enjoy the summer, good food and supporting our locals around town. Cade discovered Blacks Sliders, a food truck here in Utah and not only did the food look fantastic but once we learned more about them we knew they were our kind of people.

Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck

Pretty sure their mission statement says it all,  “Our menu has been constructed with the goal to bring an elevated dining experience to the mobile setting. Each menu item has been designed and executed by trained chefs who believe that amazing food should be accessible at all price points, to all people.

Black’s Sliders is more than just a business, it’s a belief that community is built through local patronage and love of food. We are excited to invite you to take part in our dream!”
I love that!! Yes, good food should be available to everyone, and the more that everyone has real, high quality, awesome tasting food the less we want the junk. In fact, you’ll not only stop craving the junk but you’ll actually start feeling better.
Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck
We believe you can judge a place on the burgers and fries, juiciness of chicken and how the kids respond. Seriously, no matter where we go we feel like if one of those things fails it’s a risky restaurant, as in the food isn’t all around good, it’s a hit or miss. The burger was flavorful and fresh with enough juiciness that you don’t need it covered in sauce. In fact, with those sweet caramelized onions you don’t need much of anything on the burger at all!
Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck
The chicken had us both worried. Cade is from the south and he knows his fried chicken. Even if it has a good fry on it a dry bird is not worth a moment of your time. This chicken was so juicy and flavorful! We were so pleasantly surprised! The bun totally held up to the chicken without taking over and the crisp lettuce was perfect with that fried piece of meat.
Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck
The fries were cooked perfectly and we personally recommend the parmesan with truffle oil. Just do it. It’s like fried goodness, but fresh and cheesy with the herbs and parmesan.
Blacks Sliders Utah Food Truck
And Pork, all four of us, the girls included, love our pork. We know our pork. Do not serve us dry or bland pork because you will not fool us. This pork was so juicy and the bbq sauce was light and vinegary without pinching your lips. It’s just awesome just like a pork slider should be. The slaw with apples adds such brightness to the slider and all 4 of us vote you give it a go!
So is it worth it? Only if you like juicy, high quality food. If you’re looking for a lame dinner I can certainly send you to a few places, but Blacks is not it.

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