Hi there! I’m Katie from Dixieland Sweets and I am so so excited to be sharing one of my favorite hobbies with you all today. First, a little about myself: I was born under bright city lights in the land where everything is bigger and am a true city girl at heart living in a small town world. I have been a self-proclaimed baker since I was old enough to hold a spoon. I was introduced to decorated cookies in 2010 and was forever addicted. It is my passion to inspire others through my own creations, whether that be through decorating cookies or just learning to be fearless in the the kitchen! Today: we start with bunny face easter basket cookies.

Bunny Face Easter Basket Cookies, sugar cookies

Some people think that decorating cookies may be a little intimidating. I’m here today to encourage you that you, too, can easily have pretty decorated cookies for any occasion! All you need is a little patience and some will to practice.

Bunny Face Easter Basket Cookies, sugar cookies

For these, I whipped up a batch of my favorite cookie dough and royal icing. Once you’ve got those ready to go, here are a few other things you’ll need.

  • Easter basket cookie cutter
  • Royal icing pipe (thick icing consistency) and flood (thinner icing consistency) in colors: white, soft pink, mint green, purple, orange, yellow and black.
  • Piping bags
  • PME Tips #1.5

Bunny Face Easter Basket Cookies

1. Begin by piping (outlining) your cookies using your white pipe. Then, flood in your cookies with the same color. Allow cookies to dry completely (3-4 hours) before moving on.

2. Pipe and Flood in your eggs, alternating colors.

3. Then, using black pipe, add eyes and eyelashes. To give the bunny some cheeks, apply a little luster dust using a cotton swab. And finish with black whiskers, mouth, and a pink nose.

4. Outline your cookies using white pipe and add some green for grass in the spaces between your eggs.

Bunny Face Easter Basket Cookies

 Ta-da! Only a few simple steps and you’ve created the most adorable Easter basket around!

Bunny Face Easter Basket Cookies

And… once you’ve got the hang of it, bake up some more cookie shapes and add them to a platter! Decorated cookies are the highlight of any party!

Bunny Face Easter Basket Cookies

I hope this has inspired you to try decorating cookies of your own. Please be sure to hop on over to Dixieland Sweets to say hi! I so look forward to meeting you soon!

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