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Cardio Barre and Lole

cardio barre

Have you been hearing all the talk about the new workout craze called, Barre? I had heard a little bit about it throughout the year, but had yet to try it out. Then as summer approached I found myself looking for new opportunities to strengthen, lengthen and slim up my body without bulking up. I’m totally that girl that prefers to be slim and slender versus rockin’ arms, legs etc. I guess I just have no desire to have big muscles, but a dancers body I’d take any day. So I started to bounce back and forth between my favorite Title Boxing Club and different dance style workouts to get in shape but stay slender. And then I got invited to Cardio Barre.

cardio barre

These fun ladies who range from owners to instructors set up a fantastic class for everyone to attend. And because I like to be real about fitness I’m going to just go ahead and be blunt.

My Goals

Like I’ve already mentioned, I have no desire to be ripped. I know some girls like all of that definition etc, but I like slender, long, and dainty. I mean, still toned, but no bulging muscles.

1. Tighten and tone inner and outer thighs, booty, and arms, plus abs are always a plus.

2. Gain a little more flexibility especially to help with aging.

3. Feel strong and healthy

4. Be long and lean

cardio barre

The Truth

I’m a fairly fit person. I’m certainly not big by any means, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need to take care of myself. For me it isn’t a weight thing. In fact, I’d destroy scales if I could. For me it’s about feeling good inside of my clothes and literally feeling good inside. Which means that I don’t have time for gyms that are all about the show, ehem Gold’s gym (unless you can prove otherwise, I’m not interested) or that don’t have equipment and classes that will actually help me to be successful. .

Cardio Barre is going to be interesting for me. Here are my thoughts…

1. I love that you use muscles you may not have known you had or ever used them in that way. To me that means that I’m working areas that need improvement and things are tightening (no one wants saggy booty pants)

2. The class is focused on strengthening and lengthening the body. In other words, getting those thin tight arms and leg and raised booty without heavy, bulky quads and biceps. Again, girly and dainty not body builder.

3. You don’t need to be a dancer to do it, but dancers will love it just as much as the rest of us.

4. There’s something lovely about coming into a quiet studio, sweating your brains out to fun music, and leaving a quiet studio already feeling tighter. A noisy gym doesn’t make me work harder, it’s the opposite actually. It’s easier to cut out early or not give it your all, but on the barre it’s just you, and the barre. You are trying to be a little better and a little stronger.

What I Have Yet To Learn

1. Attitude. I view people as the same. I see no reason for makeup, jewelry and fancy clothes to workout. I also see no reason to ever compare bodies, cars, friends etc. Sometimes women can be a bit high maintenance and I don’t work out for that. I’m curious to see if my love of this class continues or if the people change it for me. I’m hoping that when attending the actual classes that I’ll find fun, kind, and motivated women.

2. Will the results be real and what I am looking for? So far I think they will, but unfortunately I don’t think that 1 class will give me an answer. It takes time to see results and even if one class makes you sore it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be what you need or want. I loved the class, love how my body felt the next day, and I’m excited to hopefully find opportunities to show you all if it’s really worth it. And again, I’m really hoping it is since it’s so fun.

cardio barre

And I must mention, I have found a new obsession other than Barre. Lole. Oh my gosh, Lole. Have you heard of it? They have the cutest lifestyle and workout clothes!! Plus, they happen to come in a wide range of sizes!! Wahooo!!!! More on this later, but I’m just sayin’… check it. Oh, and they are in Utah now!! woot woot!!

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  • I so wanted to visit that studio but was out of town. Fortunately I have a Groupon for 10 classes at Pure Barre in Draper. Now I just need to fit it into my schedule. Also, love Lole but man, their clothing is pricey! Guess it’s up there with prAna which I love too.

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  • I’ve been doing Barre since spring and am absolutely obsessed with it. I do three classes a week. I actually hate missing classes. When I used to go to the gym I didn’t really care if I missed a day. It was just meh. Barre makes me feel great. I feel fit. I feel so so so much stronger. Even though I’ve been doing it for so long I still get sore after some classes. Usually the thighs and sometimes the arms. Planks kill me….but in a good way. Glad you found it and hope you continue to enjoy it! 🙂

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    • Isn’t it the best? I loooove it!

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