20+ Homemade Candy Recipes

20+ Homemade Candy Recipes to so you can make homemade candy recipes for gifts, enjoy easy old fashioned Christmas candy or just homemade sugar candy.

Making homemade candy recipes with my mom is a memory I will treasure for all of my life. I’ve been loving carrying the recipes on with my own children too!

What is the most popular Christmas Candy?

Well, it actually depends on where you live as many cultures, even within the United States enjoy something different.

How do you keep homemade candy fresh for a little longer through the holidays?

Pick your candy recipe, homemade chocolate candy recipe etc and we will go over how to store it!

Furthermore, everything you will need to know to have your candy turn out perfect so you can give it as gifts.

Here’s my picks to make homemade candy with your kids!

Finally, remember to keep checking back as we share some old fashioned candy recipes next season!