Over 100 Family Reunion Food Ideas

Summer is here and so are the vacations and family reunions! Oh, but wait! You’re supposed to bring a dish to share, so what can you bring?! We’ve got Over 100 Family Reunion Food Ideas for you!

I love family reunions and while it should be about the people (I mean, it is) I especially love trying everyone’s favorite dishes! Grandma’s Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream gets served up and someone’s pulling out the brown sugar peach pie bars.

My eyes get so big with all of those desserts to feed a crowd, but main dishes and sides are even more important! What side dish for a party? What main dish is easy for a family reunion?

Family reunion ideas are left to one family while another is tackling food and yet another is printing silly t-shirts. I love it!

Here’s just a small list to get you going but check out our entire family reunion food ideas section!