Must Try Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

Must Try Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes like instant pot french toast and instant pot yogurt that will totally change your most important meal of the day.

It’s official, we are instant pot recipes obsessed like the rest of the world. An electric pressure cooker in the home is as important, maybe even more important in some homes than an oven.

Can you even believe that I said that?!

We made this really delicious instant pot french toast awhile back and I cannot wait to try more versions. In fact, what breakfast recipes would you like to make in your instant pot?

And have you tried making yogurt in the instant pot? Once you make it you’ll likely never go back to buying yogurt. To say that it’s cheaper to make homemade instant pot yogurt is an understatement!

You just need milk and a yogurt starter, that’s typically just a bit of store bought yogurt. It’s that easy!