10 Best Turkey Recipes on the Internet

Why isn’t turkey eaten more? It’s a great option for healthy dinner ideas and every Thanksgiving people wish they had the 10 Best Turkey Recipes!

And you know I’m right! Think about how many times you’ve googled, “How long to cook a turkey?”

You guys, we’ve totally got you covered and we are testing a new roast turkey recipe that is going to be the best turkey recipe ever!! Just you wait!

Our turkey category has everything from leftover turkey recipes like,

Thanksgiving turkey recipe that’s everything from the best way to cook a turkey (shhhh it’s turkey in a bowl!) to instant pot turkey, and even a SOUTHERN THANKSGIVING with Deep Fried Turkey!

And even turkey breast recipe for when you’re not feeding a crowd!

Don’t forget the ground turkey recipes like Turkey Sloppy Joes!

brine turkey recipe

Finally, every year I know I google like crazy what some good leftover turkey recipes are and we’ve got two favorites of our own, the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Club and Turkey Tetrazzini!

But don’t stop there, you’ll find lots of recipes, just start browsing!