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Fixing Lunch with Sandwich Recipes that Aren’t PB&J is a much bigger dilemma than your 8 year old self would have imagined. Here’s our favorite sandwich recipes!

I kind of wish I could fall in love with lunch again. I mean, it’s not anything that hard to make but yet every day I’m rolling my eyes about it. In fact, we eat sandwiches for dinner more than we eat them for lunch.

But that’s about to change.


  • So you think you love club sandwiches, do you? You don't know good until you've had the BEST Triple Decker Club Sandwich. ohsweetbasil.com

    So you think you love club sandwiches, do you? You don’t know good until you’ve had the BEST Triple Decker Club Sandwich.

  • two sun dried tomato bacon pesto

    Sun Dried Tomato Bacon Pesto Grilled cheese, pesto, Tillamook Medium White Cheddar Cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, crisp bacon and topped with pesto butter!

  • A French dip sandwich on a white plate. The sandwich is toasted and the cheese is melted over the meat. Another sandwich is in the background, and a hoagie roll is next to the sandwich.

    This french dip sandwich recipe is our absolute favorite! Just the smell alone is amazing, but it’s also awesome because it’s made in the slow cooker.

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Cozy Christmas Movie & Snack Nights 🎥🎄