50 + Crockpot Recipes to Make Your Life Easier

50 + Crockpot Recipes to Make Your Life Easier, especially on those busy days. These slow cooker recipes are sure to make you and your family want more!

I know what it’s like to have more to do than hours in the day. In fact, today is exactly like that. Oh who am I kidding, this whole week is like that!!!

I wonder how it would  be to leisurely make dinner for a family and not only have everyone eat but have no stress over making it!

Every Sunday we have the same recipe get more and more page views. It’s the classic Sunday dinner recipe and it’s made in a slow cooker! It’s our famous shredded slow cooker pot roast!

You don’t even understand how tender, juicy and flavorful it is until you try it!

Korean BBQ Ground Beef is another fan favorite and it’s a cheap dinner recipe for anyone trying to use a grocery budget.

In fact, if you really want to go nuts make our Asian Sticky Slow Cooker Ribs recipe and report back to us. We know you will LOVE it!