Cheesecake Fruit Salad and Carnitas


Cheesecake fruit salad that's creamy and dreamy perfection!


Well, it seems that Friday’s are starting to turn into “Blasts from the Past!” posts, but I hope you don’t mind because I actually love sharing some of our old favorites that if we forgot about them you probably did too. Today is all about cheesecake fruit salad and carnitas.


Cheesecake fruit salad that's creamy and dreamy perfection!


Cheesecake Fruit Salad


First up, this cheesecake fruit salad is pretty much creamy perfection. I love that you can add any fruit that you want (we especially love strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and bananas) and it actually hold up really well so you can make it a day or two ahead of time and then give it one last fold before serving. Just click the cheesecake fruit salad link above to find the recipe, pin it, make it, report back to me.


Juicy pork carnitas tacos are simply made in a crockpot with just a few ingredients that everyone has on hand and they turn out perfect every time! ohsweetbasil.com_-2


Slowcooker Carnitas

And next up is a true favorite at our house. In fact I am sitting here shocked that I’ve let so much time pass between making this favorite dinner! The pork is juicy, the cheese is creamy and cool and and the corn tortillas just take the authenticity over the top. It’s a super easy recipe that your family will be begging for time and time again, and don’t worry it also happens to be wonderful enough and easy enough that you can whip it up all year round in your slow cooker!


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22 comments on “Cheesecake Fruit Salad and Carnitas”

  1. Could I use frozen fruit instead of fresh?

  2. to find the recipe, look for the blue words Cheese cake salad, click on it.

  3. If you look closely you will see the recipe in light words, Cheese Cake Salad light blue) click on the light print

  4. Cannot bring Cheesecake Fruit Salad Recipe up – did get photo, but will not give recipe. noticed others are having a problem – – –

  5. I would like the recipe couldn’t get it above by picture. thank you.

  6. I saw a picture of your Cheesecake Fruit Salad and there was no link to click on to get the recipe. Can you please email me that recipe? Thanks!

  7. i can not find the recipe either

  8. I pinned for the recipe but don’t see the recipe

  9. Oh my! This is my kind of salad, this looks incredible 🙂

  10. Did you say cheesecake?! Fruit salad was just seriously taken up a notch.

  11. This is genius!!! Like nothing I’ve ever had….how do peaches and mangos mixed in sound? 🙂

  12. um… YES! I’ll take two bowls of that salad. Headed to get the recipe now!

  13. Holy YUM that looks delicious! It reminds me of my mom’s ambrosia fruit salad but better! shh…don’t tell her 🙂

  14. Um cheesecake fruit salad?! What an AWESOME idea. I love cheesecake – especially when it’s topped with fruit. This is such a fun idea!!

  15. Wow this looks so delicious!!! Can’t wait to try sometime very soon!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  16. I do not mind at all! These recipes look killer and I am heading to check them out now! Happy Friday!