Circus Animal Crackers in 5 minutes!

I already know what you’re going to say, “Why would you make those when you can just buy them?” Well, for two reasons actually. 1. Circus Animal Cookies popped into my head one day and I’ve learned that anything that pops into my head I should act on because it could be inspiration from above, and 2. because the kids thought I was the coolest ever for making these with them.

Circus Animal Crackers in 5 minutes!

And let’s be honest, the girls are getting older and I want to have these little memories with them. Especially our 8 year old. She had a friend over the other day and this age seems to be so content with running off and doing their own thing that it was so nice that they wanted me involved in the play. They would run upstairs and create some little dance show, fly back down the stairs to where I was coloring with our 4 year old and insist that I be their dance teacher and help them with their performance.

Circus Animal Crackers in 5 minutes!

Our little one loved it, I felt so good to know that she wanted me around even in front of her friends and her little friend was able to get to know me better. That last one has also become important to me. I feel like knowing our children’s friends and having them enjoy their time in our home will only help our kiddos stay home more often and choose good friends. If your friends don’t want to be around then at some point they will probably want to be with their friends even if it means hanging out somewhere else.

Circus Animal Crackers in 5 minutes!

Or maybe I’m wrong. I just feel like creating a safe place for any who enter will one day pay off for us and the girls. I hope I’m right. So throwing animal crackers into white chocolate and sprinkling sprinkles on top seems lame and a total waste to others. The kids loved doing it and clean up was a breeze. Worth. It.

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

Technically, white chocolate is not a chocolate because it does not contain cocoa solids.

Circus Animal Cookies

Circus Animal Cookies

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Servings: 24 cookies
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 1 Box Animal Crackers
  • White Melting Chocolate, about 8 ounces or more depending on how big your box of crackers is
  • Sprinkles
  • Red Food Coloring


  • In a microwave safe dish, melt the chocolate in 30 second intervals until smooth.
  • Melt more white chocolate in another dish and then add red food coloring to make pink.
  • Dip the crackers and then with a fork, lift them out onto parchment or wax paper (I used a baking mat).
  • Quickly sprinkle with sprinkles.


store in an airtight container


Serving: 1gCalories: 109kcalCarbohydrates: 16.5gProtein: 1.4gFiber: 0.7gSugar: 8.5g
Author: Sweet Basil
Course: 100 Best Cookies Recipes on the Planet

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