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Clean Eating Tips While Traveling

Clean eating tips for traveling near & far

When travel I love to eat a lot of food. I will be honest with all of you, I think about what kind of foods I will be packing before I decide on what clothes to pack. I love food and I know I will eat something I will regret later If I am not prepared. Preparing and prepping your meals before you travel will help you to stay on track and will also save you money,who doesn’t want to save money? I like to make sure I have enough healthy foods in the car or on the airplane with me so I am not tempted in buying a candy bar or other things that are empty calories.


 I’m not saying don’t go out and eating while you are traveling because lets me honest that is a fun part of traveling is trying new foods.  We will go grocery shopping with the list that I have made before the trip so we can get in and get out.  We usually plan a couple of meals for eating out on the days we don’t have much time to cook. Here are a couple of clean eating tips while traveling near and far.


 1. Make sure you have a kitchen- We have found that sometimes its cheaper to rent out a house for a week than it is to pay for a hotel. Some hotels have kitchens but they aren’t very big so we go for the better price in a place with a kitchen to stay. Having a kitchen is awesome because you can eat breakfast and also prepare lunches for the day. I also feel like I can eat better when I can prepare my own meals.

2. Prepare snacks and lunches before you head out the door- I always start with preparing vegetables and fruits. I wash and cut them all up and store them in a zip lock baggie. You can store all these foods in a small cooler Then I will move onto other things like non perishable foods, so the best foods are our top priority and then the rest.

3.Cooking while traveling- Before we leave on our trip I will write out how many meals we plan on making and how many we plan on eating out. I will then make a meal list followed by a food list. This way you aren’t stressing about what you will be eating once you get to your destination. Once we get settled into our place we usually go to costco or a grocery store that is near by. Grab the foods that are on our list and we are done. Having a plan for cooking and eating out allows us to be in control of the vacation and our eating.

4.Go to restaurants- I love eating at restaurants so go out to eat a few times. Enjoy the food of the location you are staying at instead of stressing and then eating more than you wanted to because of the stress.

5.Have enough water- We usually take a couple of gallon water jugs with us so we can refill our water bottles and so we don’t drink tons of calories in other beverages. Plus staying hydrated keeps you from over snacking.




Homemade granola bars

Whole wheat pretzels


Hard boiled eggs

Sunflower/pumpkin seeds

Rice cakes


Tuna sandwiches on whole wheat bread

Lettuce wraps with chicken or tuan

Pre- made salads

Triscuits and different meats

Apple Sauce

Eating clean while traveling doesn’t have to be hard. Preparing takes a little more time and makes it worth it. You can still enjoy your vacation and enjoy good, healthy foods. Safe travels!


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  • I wanted to thank you for these eating tips when you are traveling. I’m glad you mentioned to figure out how many meals you want to make and how many you want to eat out for. Perhaps how many times you will be eating out could depend on what kind of restaurants will be nearby.

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    • Yes, that is exactly it! Especially if you are traveling to a place with several restaurants that you want to try. It’s all about planning and not winging it!

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  • I travel 2 weeks a month for work and also like to pack snacks with me (for the plane and hotel). I almost never have access to a kitchen, but do try and stop by a grocery store and buy fresh fruit or other cold food. I recently picked a hotel because it’s next to a Trader Joe’s. Priorities.

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