Tulle Halloween Wreath

Tulle Halloween Wreath

This is so unlike me. Crafts? I have never been a crafty person. I’ve wanted to. I just stink at it.

Lately I’ve had a few projects I’ve been working on and since they actually were quite easy and they turned out I thought I would show a few on here. They are easy, cheap, fun and cute! What better combo is there?

I needed a Halloween wreath, but didn’t want to spend $40 on one. So we headed off to Hobby Lobby. I love that place. Everything goes on sale for so cheap. The wreath form was $1.50 on sale, Tulle was $2.00 on sale, and the ribbon was $1.00 on sale. NICE! The purple ribbon was bought by a neighbor for $1.00 at the dollar store and she just gave me a chunk. SWEET!

I wrapped the black ribbon all the way around the wreath very tightly, and then hot glued it at the end.

Next, grab the tulle (I used about 35″, but honestly I just cut as I went so the amount was sometimes long and sometimes short) and fold it back and forth (like remember when you would make those hand fans as a kid? Do it like that) I was going to just run it through the sewing machine, but decided to just do a quick stitch through it so I could do it where ever I was in the house.

Next, hot glue the ruffle to the wreath. Go all the way around. That’s it!!!

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One comment on “Tulle Halloween Wreath”

  1. Cute! I made one similar last year, but I used black feathers. Crafts are so fun! If only there was more time…