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Crafty Friday

This crafty Friday is a work in progress. I still need to paint the old frame and type and glue on the locations, but you get the idea.
I spray painted all of the old keys (bought at a thrift shop) and spray glued the burlap to the glass of the frame and then glued everything else on. Each key represents somewhere we have lived. Yup, we have moved a lot. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon.

In other news…

This little punk is going through separation anxiety. Yeah, not fun. Our first didn’t really go through it.  Then, to add to it she has begun waking up all stinking night. She stands in the crib bawling. I would just let her cry it out, but she can’t get back down from standing so I’m afraid to just leave her.  Our first just did not have these sleeping issues or the separation thing. Friends, what do I do to help with all of this? I’m so tired 🙁

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  • I just want to mention I am just beginner to weblog and honestly liked this web site. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You absolutely come with really good article content. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your blog.

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  • Yeah I don't think there is necessarily a “right” thing to do. Raelee was a horrible sleeper as a baby…but now she is just great! I was SOOO tired, and she didn't just cry it out..EVER, so for me if she didn't settle down the first three times I just put her in bed with us cause it just wasn't worth the lack of sleep. And like I said, it all worked out in the end. Separation…well..she'll get over it. I just hate all those books that make parenting a chore with all these rules about what to do. I say enjoy your children!! Set boundaries that you can handle, and then just enjoy them!

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  • Oh dear. I remember those days. All I can say is: this too will pass. With my first few kids, I really tried so hard to get them to sleep. But actually they were all decent sleepers. With my last one, I just tried to savor the moment, knowing he was the fourth and last. Im glad I did. It all passed too quickly. He is now 14 and 6'2″ and growing! I'm sure that doesn't give you much comfort…how about this advice??: nap when you can!

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  • My older children are in teen years and my youngest is 7 already. I was so sleep deprived, I do not remember. So sorry I can't be a help. 🙁

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  • No idea about the crib thing, we haven't reached that stage yet. But my little girl had separation bad! We played kits of peekaboo , and any time I left the room I would wave goodbye and blow kisses- even if I was just going to the kitchen for a second. Then sometimes I would pop back in, try to make her laugh. I read somewhere that if you make a game of it, it helps. Seems to have worked for us!!

    The key idea is super cute, by the way!

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  • K that is such a cute idea! My husbands job requires us to move 6 months out of the year and this would be such a fun idea to remember all the places we have lived. We have collected magnents from every state to put on our fridge but this idea is much cuter! So sorry about your little girl! Hopefully she will start sleeping soon! My friend had the same problem and she did what heather suggested with the musical light mobile and it worked like a charm. Good Luck!

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  • Oh wow! You guys sure have moved a lot. But I love your idea. It's so creative and fun!

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  • that girl is just perfection

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  • Hey we are going through the same thing where she doesn't want to sleep in her crib since we set it up and will cry all night. During the day I have been putting her in there and she has been falling asleep after being sad for maybe five min. I am going to try putting one of those musical light up toys on the side of her crib to see if it is soothing. Let me know if you get any other good ideas so we can get some sleep as well! 🙂

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Free Email Series 5 Secrets to Stress-Free Dinners