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I’ve done it. I’ve totally sold Cade on this whole personal stylist, clothing delivery thing. BOOYAH!! Ladies and gentlemen listen up, you know we are extremely picky about what we post about and this is one you’re going to want the men in your life to do. We are currently loving Bombfell and we know you will too. In fact, we are so sure it will work out for you we got you $25 off your first order! Just sign up HERE and don’t worry, you can cancel at any time. In fact before you read Cade’s thoughts here are a few things I wish every delivery service would do.

bombfell, the men's version of stitch fix but better!

All photos by the talented Heather of Heather Luczak Photography!

**No contract

**Cancel at any time

**No delivery fee

**No fee if you return all of the clothes

** No Styling fee

*** PREVIEW your clothes and delete or change anything you want! That’s right, you can see what your stylist has picked for you and request something different. Cade had a pair of eggplant purple pants in his first order which he deleted and got the jeans instead, which fit perfect (I’m just sayin’…) and he loves them!

bombfell, the men's version of stitch fix but better!

Clothes shopping for me has always been a sore subject.  I feel like I’m unsure on what really is in style without being way too fashionable as I’m more a classic person, and I hate shopping for hours and not finding anything or nothing that fits right. Carrian had been doing stitch fix and loved receiving clothes from them.  I was silently jealous that she was getting awesome clothes without wasting anytime in lines, parking garages and trying numerous outfits on. I just want someone to do it all for me but I want to see it and try it on too.

bombfell, the men's version of stitch fix but better!

When I had heard of Bombfell I already felt hesitant because I didn’t think a personal stylist could honestly pick out the right style and the right fit without even knowing anything about me. In fact, I told Carrian I wasn’t interested at all.

bombfell, the men's version of stitch fix but better!

Well now I am eating my words, after creating my profile, putting in my measurements and preferences, the stylist did the rest.  Clothes were picked out, previews were sent back to me for review, a couple changes made and bam, the perfect fit, great style and I didn’t have to step into any stores or dressing rooms at all.

This may have changed my paradigm, paradigum if you’re Carrian (you’ll have to ask Carrian about that story sometime, it’s a good one and something we still laugh about), about shopping for clothes from now on.  Bombfell has definitely taken the pain out of clothes shopping for me and has made it enjoyable. Everything really does fit perfect and although I went with classics this time I may even get a little more adventurous next time. And guys, looking good for your wife is never a bad thing. Ever.

So listen, you get $25 off your first order when you use THIS LINK and no, we weren’t paid to talk about them, but we did receive my first shipment with the understanding that we would only do a post if we loved Bombfell, which we do!

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Free Email Series 5 Secrets to Stress-Free Dinners