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Deer Valley Skiing

deer valley skiing

That’s right folks, we are pretty much olympic skiers now. If you follow on Instagram, or Facebook you saw that we recently headed off to Deer Valley Skiing Resort for the weekend and had the best time ever. Our main reason for going was that we’ve lived in Utah for 6 years, and not only do none of us ski ever, we’ve NEVER skied. Skiing at Deer Valley was our number one goal and we were so excited/nervous (me) to try something so fun, and new.

deer valley skiing

We started out by heading to the ski rental area and that’s where we had our first interactions with the employees, and don’t get me wrong here, I’m never a complainer about staff or the way I was treated unless it was HORRENDOUS, but I also don’t give out compliments on how we were treated unless it was outstanding. Deer Valley staffers are amazing. Period. No one knew us from Joe on the street, but we were treated like friends or family. And it wasn’t just us. There was a sweet, little couple that was checking out their ski gear in front of us and they were treated just as well. Mr Handsome and I just kept looking at each other and saying, “seriously? Could these people be any more kind or helpful?!” We do not need people to dote on us at all,  in fact normally we do our own thing on vacation and we just don’t have a ton of interaction with employees, but when you are vacationing somewhere and you are greeted, welcomed and cared for as if you were visiting your best friend’s home, well that changes everything. Suddenly your vacation seems happier, more carefree and fun, and you really begin to relax.

deer valley skiing

Ok, I got a little off the path here, but we were sincerely so impressed with how we were treated, especially our children. (Speaking of, we missed P’s entire skiing advenure. We saw her a few times up on the mountain, but we were skiing down and couldn’t get close enough to grab a pic. We kept trying to go find her, but by the time we made it down she would be inside for break etc. Such a bummer)

deer valley skiing

Anyway, skiing has never been a big draw for me. It’s cold, you plummet down a big, scary mountain, and it’s cold. However, the older I got the more I noticed people taking off to go skiing for the weekend, until I moved to Utah. Did you know that only 11% of Utahns go skiing? WHAT? Alright people, I may freeze all of the time and that’s why the snow intimidated me, but we live in this crazy, awesome state, we have to take advantage of it, especially with our loved ones.

deer valley skiing

And don’t worry if you have little ones that you need help with. The Children’s center takes children from 2 months to 12 years and they even feed them lunch. In fact, P is 6 and was part of the Reindeer club so she got to go hang out in the children’s center and go skiing all day. She LOVED it. Little C was too little for all day skiing, but she had so much fun playing with the toys and reading stories all day. I loved that we were given a little report when we picked her up, how her mood was all day, how many times she went to the bathroom, her favorite activities, every single thing she ate and cute notes about how much they loved her. It was awesome!!

 Why We Chose to Have a Ski Staycation

Kids need opportunities to bond with family members outside of the home. The more fun you have together the more you love, respect and care for one another which bleeds into all other aspects of your life. We decided that we wanted to get outdoors (the girls always want to play in the snow) and learn how to ski since we are in the perfect place for it. Doing something new together actually pushes you to have more fun together. Really. Especially something that is outdoors and good for your body. Exercising sends good endorphins to the brain and everyone literally feels happier.

deer valley skiing

This was pretty much one of our best vacations ever. I’d say even better than our honeymoon because we got to watch our children squealing with delight as they learned how to slide across the snow. We didn’t freeze. Hallelujia. We bought proper clothing which kept us warm. We didn’t not crash down the mountain, but totally loooooved feeling free and peaceful on a quiet mountain. (Plus, look how it tuckered out our little one. We set her down to take off her boots and she fell asleep before the shoes even came off!)

We cannot wait to get back up to Deer Valley. I can totally see why it’s a total lifestyle, and people ache to get back.

Deer Valley Ski School

Deer Valley Children’s Center

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  • That looks like such a fun time! I’ve only been cross-country skiing (not as fun as sliding down a mountain, I’m sure), so I’d definitely be interested in a cool place like that!

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  • I love your family. Let’s go skiing together.

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    • oh, yes!! Please!!

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  • I didn’t miss the snow until this winter. THat looks like so much fun! You have the cutest family Carrian!

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    • Only THREE more years and that will be a reality!! I seriously can’t wait! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!

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      • Let’s get together this SUmmer when I’m in town! I probably should have replied to the e-mail instead of posting three comments. It looks like I’m talking to myself. LOL

      • Here I am!! I totally didn’t even think about that. Can’t wait to see you! (see you’re talking to me, even if everyone else couldn’t see our emails. haha)

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