Tropical Fruits

Ten Facts about a few of the favorite tropical fruits.

Mangoes are loaded with Vitamin A, and high in Vitamin C, Postassium, and Iron.

Chinese medical practitioners use mango to treat dysentery.

Twelve lychees have less than seventy calories.

Passionfruit get its name from its flowers, which Spanish missionaries thought resembled symbols of Christ’s Passion, such as the crown of thorns.

Mangosteen are rumored to have been the favorite fruit of Queen Victoria.

Orangutans love mangoes.

Legend has it that an Emperor of the Tang Dynasty lost his throne because his insisted on having fresh lychees delivered to his concubine on a regular basis – at great cost to the Chinese people.

Many people believe durian is an aphrodisiac.

Mangoes have been used as a type of contraceptive.

Lychee is a member of the soapberry family.