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Tips for using Jarred Sauce

Tips for using Jarred Sauce

Are you a jarred sauce fan or a home-made? I’m both. I adore homemade, and it’s truly so much easier than one may think. You actually can get away with not simmering it all day too. But, fact of the matter is sometimes a jarred sauce is all I have time for. I like to keep a few on hand for those crazy days.

Want to know my little jarred sauce secret? I add stuff to it in order to make it more fresh and delicious.
So, I take a pot and saute a little garlic, onion and sometimes some peppers, meat, mushrooms etc. Then I throw in the sauce and add fresh herbs, dried herbs or whatever I have on hand. Sometimes, if I’m reallllly busy I just add different spices; garlic powder, basil, oregano, parsley etc. It works like a charm.

Have you seen that foodnetwork did a taste test to see which jars came out on top? Click HERE to read more.

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  • I've doctored up the jarred kind for several years, but I took a leap recently and just bought the 29oz can of tomato sauce to fix. I dump in a lot of italian seasoning, basil, & oregano (all dried, from the dollar store spices or sam's club, whatever I have), and 1/4 cup of sugar. Let that simmer together while I brown ground beef with onions & garlic (from the jar). Once I drain the burger I mix the sauce and burger together to simmer while the pasta boils. Tastes SO GOOD.

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  • I totally agree with you. I'm a big fan of doctoring the jarred kind!!!

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  • It;s a semi-homemade sauce! I love my homemade..but when I don't have time..I spruce up jared sauce.

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  • I totally agree sometimes jarred sauce just has to do and you can always “tweak” it. I read the food network article also and am glad that my regular is one of the top 5 and rated well. Gave me some new ones to try in the future.

    What is your “fav”?

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Free Email Series Family Favorite Grilling Recipes for This Summer