Did you know that we’re expecting? I thought I had better share the news considering the fact that I have not been commenting on anyone’s blogs or keeping up with this blog like normal. I am due July 11th (I’m sorry, but does that seems like forever to anyone or just me???) so that puts me at exactly 8 weeks. We are so excited and the hubby is just wanting to tell the whole world. It’s very cute!

Onto the bad news. Pregnancy and I don’t get along. In fact I have been spending my time at the hospital in IV therapy. It’s kinda crappy that a “food blogger” gets so sick that she can’t keep down even a cracker. It’s just wrong isn’t it?Anyway, I’ll spare you all the gruesome details, but hopefully we can get something figured out because the doctor is having me do weekly weigh ins and is concerned about mine and baby’s health. If  I continue like I have been then I will be admitted to the hospital for a stay at which point I’ll probably have some of you dear friends do some guest posts ’til I get back.

I want each of you out there to know that I love your comments. They seriously are such a pick me up during the week. Thankfully I had scheduled posts out quite a bit since there is absolutely no cooking happening in the house right now, but unfortunately looking at other blogs with food is not something I can do right now. Know that I support each of you in your blog and I will try to comment when I can. And, please check back often as I will continue to post.

Much love to you all!