If you are anything like me making meatballs round can be a bit annoying, so here are some Tips For Making Meatballs Round. I hated that mine always ended up looking like squares, or weird, awkward pyramids. I just could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I like to brown mine in a pan and then finish them in the oven. I love the crust that the browning creates, but the oven keeps them super tender. So what could I do? Well, here’s how I move mine in order to keep them round.

First, start out with your hot pan and the bowl of your meatball mixture close by. Not letting the meatballs sit and rest in a pan, but instead quickly making them and placing them in the skillet helps them stay round.

Second, after the first side is cooked instead of flipping the meatball over to the other side (like you would a piece of chicken) flip the meatball onto one of its sides.

Third, once that side is cooked flip it onto the reverse side from the first that you cooked. Think in terms of chicken. You cooked it, but instead of flipping it over you flipped it onto its side. Now, you want the underside cooked. Flip to it.

Fourth, Flip onto another side, and continue to cook any little corners that are undercooked so that you are getting rid of any points.

I know that’s a little tricky, but if you think about the top and bottom as steps one and three and the sides are the other steps you should be good to go.

Isn’t that better?