How to decorate a Christmas Tree

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!” I bet most of you have your Christmas tree up and decorated, but just in case you don’t here are a few tips I learned a few years ago while working for an interior design store on How to decorate a Christmas Tree.

1. Lights~ 
Start with the lights if your tree is natural or is not prelit. Weave under, over and tip of the branch back in to the trunk of the tree. 
Plug the lights in while you place them on the tree to help you keep the lights even.
Use a minimum of 100 lights per foot (it’s not that big of a deal to use 50, but it wont be as lit up.)
Never connect more strands than a box recommends, usually about three strands. Instead connect additional lights to a power strip behind the tree.

2. Ribbon~
Should you choose to use a ribbon it goes on next. Use at least 3/4″ and separate the tree into sections. Usually into odd numbered sections. Bring the ribbon into the trunk at different points to give the cascading ribbon look. 

3. Sprays or picks~
Now that your ribbon has separated sections, decorate within each section. Remember, odd numbers are best!

4. Large Ornaments~
Place larger ornaments equally around the tree and then medium and end with the smallest ornaments last. Place some ornaments on the tip of the branch and nestle others within the tree.

5. Tree Topper~
I actually add mine first since I skip stars, angels etc and go for sprays, but if you are using an actual topper, now is the time!

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2 comments on “How to decorate a Christmas Tree”

  1. Your tree is beautiful!!! I need to remember to do the ribbons first. I always add it last and get so annoyed with myself about it. I'm all about the bigger ornaments the better!!!! This year I want to add a lot of signage…seems to be a trend, yes? GREAT tips!!!!!

  2. it looks beautiful! thanks for the tips… I have had 5 ornaments broken so far compliments of my 20 mth old, and the tree has been up since Monday!