How to replace broken DVD’s

You are all going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me for this tip on How to replace broken DVD’s.
I headed over to Gourmified to get the “deets” because that’s where I had first learned about this awesomeness.

Ever had a DVD break that your little ones looooooooove? Well guess what, if it’s Disney you are sooooo in luck. Here is what Lisa says,
“If you go to the Disney Movie Rewards site at the very bottom of the screen there is an option you can choose “Guest Service Center”.  That will get you to the Disc Replacement Program and the instructions and forms you need (Canadian help is available, too). You can do this to ALL of your messed up Disney DVDs once per year, not just one title per year like I originally thought!  Incredible!”

You send off the broken and sad DVD and a few weeks later they send you a replacement!!!!!!! Stop the tractor! A new DVD!!! Can you believe it?

~ You’re welcome 😉

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2 comments on “How to replace broken DVD’s”

  1. Seriously?!?! I have soooo many that my daughter watched until they don't play anymore! I'm totally going to do this! Thanks!

  2. Oh, this is seriously soooo cool! I've got to do it with a few more DVDs. Cars is looking pretty bad right now!

    Oh and you can sign up to be a Disney Rewards Member and it's totally FREE!!!