How much meat to buy per person

I hate worrying about having enough food for a large group, or even a small dinner party. The worst is when it is a roast. Have you struggled with How much meat to buy per person?  Quite a few of the recipes here at Sweet Basil involve slow cooking a roast so here is a simple way to know how many pounds you need to buy to feed everyone. I generally say 1/4-1/2 pound per person just to be safe, but this is supposed to be the actual amount.

Type of meat and oz per person.

Chuck Arm (boneless) —  3.0 oz

Chuck Top Blade (boneless) —3.0

Cross Rib (bone-in)— 2.0

Bottom Round —3.0

Brisket— 4.0

Rump (bone-in) —2.0

Rump (boneless) —3.0

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One comment on “How much meat to buy per person”

  1. Thank you for this!!! I've been wondering how I would figure out how much to serve at Matt's family dinner when we are in charge of it next month! This makes it easier!!!!!!!!!