Coconut Milk

Meet my new bestie, Coconut Milk.

Did you know that coconut milk is a fantastic alternative to regular milk? It is the BEST substitute. Trust me, I know. It works great in baking an cooking. I’ve put it in cake, breads, soups, pastas etc. HELLO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some facts!

Why Coconut Milk? So you’re happy with your soy milk, huh? Well ask any Registered Dietitian and they will tell you one thing: diversity is the key to a healthy diet. Eat a wide variety of different colored fruits and veggies. And also drink a wide variety of non-dairy beverages. Mix it up. Soy one week, hemp the next, rice the next and coconut milk beverage the next. So Delicious’s Coconut Milk beverage is uniquely healthy because unlike the other non-dairy options, it is a rich source of MCFA’s (medium chain fatty acids). Here’s what So Delicious says about MDCFA’s:
“MCFA’s are recognized as “good fat”. They are readily absorbed, digested and utilized as energy by the body, unlike long chain fatty acids which the body stores as fat. Two of the primary MCFA’s found in coconut milk are lauric and capric acid, they are known for supporting the body’s immune system.”

Label Check:
Wow, when I saw the 50% RDA of vitamin B12 in all three flavors.  The unsweetened flavor has only 50 calories per cup. Wow. All three flavors have 5 grams of fat per cup. And it may initially freak you out that all 5 grams are ‘saturated’ fat. But the word ‘saturated’ can be deceiving when it comes to coconut products. These saturated fats are actually MCFA’s. Which as explained above, are claimed to not hurt your body, but help it greatly. This milk is vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, cholesterol free and trans fat free. And each cup contains 10% RDA magnesium, 10% RDA calcium, 30% RDA Vitamin D, and 8% RDA selenium. Though coconut milk beverage should not be used as a main source of protein in your day, unlike other non-dairy milks, it is low in protein (only 1 gram per cup). But those healthy fats make up for it.