Did you know that there is a little secret on how to help your whites stay white longer?

My parents shared this with me last year, and YES it works! Hooray because like many of you we have a whole load every week and I hate when they start to look dingyish.

*Let whites sit in a bucket with 1 cup dishwasher detergent to every gallon of water. Have the water be the hottest it can be for that fabric type. Let soak for a while before washing like normal. (Sometimes it’s an hour or more depending on where my mind is that day) I don’t do this every wash, although I probably should.

PS> Sarah added a comment that I thought I should post up here because it’s so true!

Sarah Says, “I also learned that you shouldn’t use bleach – only color safe bleach. Because some whites are dyed white. And then they get yellow.”‘

Thanks Sarah!