Did you know that there are some simple tricks to help salvage Thanksgiving Day mistakes? Here are just a few Tips for Thanksgiving.

1. Salty Gravy or Soup~ Try peeling a potato and throw it into the soup or gravy. Let it simmer for a little while, then remove the potato and discard it. The potato usually absorbs at least some of the salt. If it is still to salty you can try adding mushrooms, tomatoes, or milk to neutralize the salt. Or you could even try a little lemon juice or sugar.

2. Mushy (overcooked) Veggies~ Try adding cream and cheese to the veggies and making a gratin or puree them into a soup with onions, herbs, cream etc.

3. Burned Apple Pie~ Scoop out the filling into a dish and hurry to make a streusel topping instead. It still ends up a delicious dessert!

4. Soggy or Ruined Cream Pies~ Scoop out the filling and layer into parfait glasses for a twist on the pie!

5. Crisp yet Moist Turkey~ Start the turkey at a higher temp, like 450, and after 30 min lower it to the correct cooking temperature. This way your skin can crisp, but it will still cook correctly inside.