Dulce De Leche Fluff Brownies

If you could drop everything and recreate a memory for your kids what would it be? Would you be willing to create a memory for them or are you too busy?


dulce de leche fluff brownies from bhg.com ohsweetbasil.com


I feel like I should really name this post, roll over and die brownies because you’re going to devour so many of these rich, over the top, sticky, gooey, fluffy bars of deliciousness that you’ll probably roll over and die of brownie overload. Seriously, they are so rich and fantastic you’ll think you cannot possibly try one more bite and then the next thing you know you’re found with fork in hand standing in front of the dulce de leche brownies from Better Homes and Gardens.


dulce de leche fluff brownies from bhg.com ohsweetbasil.com


I recently did a post over at BHG Delish Dish blog featuring these pretty awesome babies, and I have to say it was so much fun. Our oldest daughter and I made them together and I had so much fun teaching her about melting chocolate, picking out toppings, etc. Plus, she actually asked me what “rewind” means. Yeah, you’ll have to go read the blog for that. Lets just say that I couldn’t believe how quickly I aged in that moment. You mean to tell me that it isn’t normal to wear scruncis around your wrist in addition to the one in your hair, carefully roll down your socks so it almost appears that you also have scruncis around your ankles and stick your shirt through a little plastic circle at your hip anymore? Gosh, where has time gone?!


dulce de leche fluff brownies from bhg.com ohsweetbasil.com


But seriously, why didn’t I slow down a little more when I was younger? I was in such a hurry to grow up that sometimes I feel almost homesick, no sad, gosh I don’t know how to explain it, but I miss sitting in the kitchen with my Mom, gardening in our ginormous garden and snitching as many raspberries as I could, camping, singing around a fire, etc etc. Life passed by and now the same is happening for my kids. I hope I can create memories for them like I had growing up.


dulce de leche fluff brownies from bhg.com ohsweetbasil.com


Sometimes I let it all slip up and I put the blog first. Not anymore. I want my kids to have a childhood like I had. A mom who was totally present and nothing was more important than us, a mom who taught me with patience instead of just doing it herself, and a mom who went the extra mile to have a peaceful home. Coming home from school always felt so good. This is my goal. School starts soon and it’s a new year for this family.


Head over to my post on Dulce De Leche Fluff Brownies and tell me how you take the time to cook with your kids. We are really hoping you will weigh in!

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13 comments on “Dulce De Leche Fluff Brownies”

  1. I need these NOW! Oh my gosh they look decadent and so delicious! Pinned and saved!

  2. These brownies look a-ma-zing. I need to go pick up some fluff. I think a fluffernutter with these brownies as dessert would be so good! For my tastebuds, but def not for my waist line 🙂

  3. Holy deliciousness…Drooling over these!

  4. omg I totally do wanna roll over and day because OH MY GOOOOODNESSSSSSS. And I love how devoted you are to your kids, I think you’re absolutely right about priorities. Love <3

  5. Carrian – You created a memory for me with these beauties!!!

  6. Yes to taking time to make time for loved ones, preferably accompanied by a pan of these lovelies!

  7. Oh wow…I want to make memories with these!!

  8. Mmm yes please! My sweet tooth thanks you!! 🙂

  9. These look absolutely evil. Might have to make them when my grandkids come visit…

  10. I know what you mean, I wish I had soaked in the family vacations and home time a little more than I did. Time goes way to quick! However I’d stop and soak in these brownies for a bit!