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Say No To Diets & Giveaway

Say no to diets. 7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

Did you know that Cade and I are both expired Personal Trainers? Yup, Mr. Handsome and I both were certified and I also got certified in Pilates. We both are big believers in taking care of our bodies which is why we thought we would open a health and fitness portion of the site so we can talk about another shared passion that we have. And I think starting with eating healthier is the perfect way to go.

One thing that we hear over and over is that a diet is like a roller coaster for many people. They’ve tried everything that they can to lose weight, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but either way they end up back where they started. We (Cade and I both graduated in Health Science and Exercise science. Cade is actually pursuing his PHD in it.) believe that no diet truly works.

Say no to diets. 7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

Dieting Will Never Work For You

I know, this seems harsh, but it’s true. A diet is kind of like fashion, there’s always something new coming out and you will forget about it in 3 months. Instead of dieting look into life changes. A diet teaches you to eat certain things and it doesn’t take into account who you are as a person, your feelings, food triggers, addictions, lifestyle etc. This is one of the biggest reasons that people fall off. They never liked grapefruit to begin with so while it sounded easy enough, eating it every morning quickly got old. No sugar sounds like it might be work and you are willing to do it, but 6 months later at your birthday party it feels like you’re in prison instead of accomplishing a healthy lifestyle. You cave, and suddenly you cant resist another bite, and another… Make sense?

I think that this is one of the reasons that I like The Biggest Loser. They talk about life changes instead of yo-yo dieting. Oh, and have I mentioned that I have worked out with Bob Harper? (This is the post of nasty, no makeup, kicked my trash, sweaty pics. Live without pretending right?)

7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

Say no to diets. 7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

1. Find what healthy options you enjoy eating.

Is fruit delicious to you? A good granola a yummy snack? Trust me, there’s something healthier out there that you do enjoy. Congratulate yourself on that instead of thinking you are a junk food addict and build upon it. Do you looooove the pork tacos with fresh pico at the local Mexican restaurant? Perfect! Let’s explore healthy mexican foods that you can incorporate into all of your meals. Love fresh fruits? Easy, stop buying the junk food snacks and make your own fruit leathers (no work necessary just puree and allow a low oven to do the work all night).

It’s about concentrating on the good things you have going on in your life and emphasizing those instead of concentrating on restricting yourself from the bad.

Say no to diets. 7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

2. Stop Skipping Breakfast.

Seriously, stop. I bet you knew that this one would be on the list, didn’t you? Breakfast really is a very important meal to have. Your metabolism needs it, your brain needs it, and your body needs it. When you skip breakfast you find yourself more willing to eat higher calorie snacks and lunches. You body thinks it’s starving, saves up on the fat in your body to sustain itself and then keeps more when you do finally eat. Starting your day with breakfast will also jump start your metabolism for the day, which will make it easier for you to have the energy to work out too. 😉 Plus, who wouldn’t want these breakfast cookies?

3. Snack All Day Long (The giveaway will be such a help with this!!)

I remember the day that it was emphasized to not snack during the day, and unfortunately many people are still under the same impression that eating a snack is a no, no.  It’s actually the opposite. When healthy snacks are eaten between meals, your body uses energy (hello metabolism) to break food down, provide proper nutrients to keep you on top of your game and energized, and you won’t be so hungry by lunch time that you find yourself eating large portions and/or unhealthy choices. Pack up little snacks like almonds, berries, veggies, granola etc at the first of the week and work your way through each bag or container of snacks during the week. This way you aren’t tempted by spur of the moment snacking. Especially late night snacking. Read the link to discover ways to avoid that!

Nature Box is the perfect snacking solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, while working or out traveling, nature box snacks are already in easy to store bags, and they are actually healthy unlike most packaged snacks (even when they seem healthier they probably aren’t). I personally love that the flavors are real, nothing artificial, they are partnered with Feeding America so they donate a meal for every box, and the are nutritionist approved. Seriously, hands down my new favorite snacks. We live off of the stuff. Plus, it gets delivered to your door in a box with 5 packages so you don’t even have any work to do.

Say no to diets. 7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

4. Enjoy More Variety

Did you know that your body actually likes to try new things and it enjoys different textures? It’s true. First of all, a variety of foods allows your body to gather different nutrients which actually makes you less hungry. You see, when your body is lacking certain things you will receive signals that you are hungry, tired, etc. The more variety you have in your diet the more those nutrients will be satisfied and you’ll be able to make it through your day with more energy-therefore needing less little treats, you’ll feel less snacky because your body doesn’t need anything and you’ll overall feel healthier.

In fact, I remember learning in my nursing nutrition class that it is important to get patients off of their feeding tubes and back to eating their own foods because our bodies/minds take pleasure in eating a variety of foods and textures. Yep, the actual motion of chewing or drinking actually makes our bodies and minds feel better which allowed patients to heal faster and feel happier. The same rule applies to you and I. Eating a PB&J every single day will get monotonous. Your body needs more nutrients, but it also wants to have variety. Try it out. You’ll find that when you feel lethargic, depressed etc you’re more likely to not take as good of care of your body and your body will lash back at you creating an unhealthy cycle.

5.Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed. FOR REALS 

Late Night Snacking  is a nasty habit to get into, and I have so done it. You do not need a snack while you read or watch tv in the evenings. You don’t. I promise. I have a bad habit of eating dinner, and then thinking that I just need a little somethin’, or a little sugar. I don’t. First of all, you aren’t as active at night, so your body is storing more than it is burning. If you are snacking at night you probably are holding onto a little extra weight, you may not be sleeping as good, and you could have less energy the next day. The more good quality sleep you get the healthier you are. The less you snack after dinner, the better you’ll sleep.

If you are like me and you think you need a little something, even if it’s healthier you can do one easy thing to help fight the urge. Brush your teeth. It really works. Brush your teeth and you won’t have as much of a desire to eat something and have to brush the again. It’s like cutting the lock on a freezer to get the ice cream. It will help you to feel more accountable.

6. Drink More Water

Did you know that you can confuse dehydration with hunger? If you’re tempted to stick your hand back in the cereal box (don’t lie, we’ve all done it) go grab a cold glass of water instead. Staying hydrated is essential for nutrition, but it also helps you to fight the urge to snack when you don’t need to or eat more at a meal when you are already full. In fact, one great tip is to drink a full glass of water before eating your meal. This is also great help at night when you think you need a “special treat”, as we call it. If you’re standing at the fridge or pantry, turn around and go grab a glass of water. Tell yourself you have to drink the whole thing. You may forget about the urge or even feel so full from all of that water that you don’t want a snack anymore.

7. Think Positive

Stop worrying about what you can and cannot have, where your health/weight is now, and how unhappy you feel. The more positive you think, especially about yourself the healthier your mind and body become. It’s true. Our thoughts have a direct relation to our bodies. It’s kind of like, if you think you can’t do it, you probably won’t. If you think positive thoughts you’ll be more inclined to achieve more results and your body will actually start to change. Isn’t it amazing that just thinking a certain way can change the way our bodies look and feel? (No, you cannot positively think away fat, but you can think of yourself in a better way which will help your body to work harder, resist temptations etc)

Say no to diets. 7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier With Little Effort

And because we are talking about snacking so much, how about I tell you about my favorite way to choose healthy snacks in healthy quantities and then give it away to you for free?!

Nature Box, as you may have seen on my instagram (ohsweetbasil) is my absolute favorite way to snack.

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Peppered Turkey Pinwheels

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Healthier Chocolate Strawberries

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  • Such a great post. I absolutely agree that diets don’t work. It’s all about having a healthy lifestyle. Moderation in all things. So great to see someone else putting this info out there for the masses. I need to work on a few of these myself. I’m the worst late night snacker, mostly because that’s the only ‘me’ time I get, so I sit and rest, and eat. My husband told me I had to get on your blog and check it out. Apparently your hubby was bragging to mine about you, even though I’ve never met either of you. So excited to find a new food blog! I LOVE to cook, and I am always on the hunt for new recipes!

    • Reply
  • I really enjoyed this post! My dh has been saying for years that “diets don’t work”. He also reminded me that the root word of diet is die. LOL Anyways, thanks for a great post!

    • Reply
  • Yep, you needed to add this section to your blog. You were meant to do it!

    • Reply
    • You’re so sweet!! I’ve been wondering how it would be received. Thank you, thank you for your encouragement

      • Reply
  • Love it. This is all so right on!

    Have you heard of Revolt Fitness? My friend Nichole (who is an AMAZING trainer) is starting it. It’s a health and fitness program that gives you weekly meal plans and workouts with videos. I’ve been doing it for a week and it’s awesome!

    You should check it out, I know she’s wanting to get a bunch of bloggers involved and has some great incentives for you to do so.

    • Reply
    • I haven’t! I totally need to look it up. It’s just online?

      • Reply
  • I was a certified personal trainer at one time!
    I majored in health!
    I stop eating before 9 every night.
    I think we need to be BFF.

    My husband and I started the 9 o clock rule 10 years ago. He has never broken it. I’ve broken it probably less than 5 times! It is a good habit. Then you’ll be hungry for breakfast the next day.

    Did you know Maria also studied health?

    • Reply
    • Karen, we are like the same person!!!!

      • Reply
  • I like this new addition to the blog! great tips!

    • Reply
  • These are all great tips, Carrian! I’m looking forward to this new section on your blog.

    • Reply
  • I love this helpful!! Everything you’re saying makes total sense…now trying to implement it all! 🙂

    • Reply
  • #5 and #6 are my horrible downfalls!!!!

    • Reply
    • I think everyone struggles with number 6 whether they realize it or not, AND I’m totally eating a handful of cadbury mini eggs as I type this, an hour before bed. Shoot! I’ve been so good lately!

      • Reply
  • Carrian!
    I love this post! I am excited to see all of the healthy recipes you’ll be sharing. I am working really hard this year on eating better and getting in better shape. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I do those things. You’re beautiful! Keep it up! PS, I really hope I get to see you on one of my future trips to Utah. Let’s make it happen!

    • Reply
    • Tonya, you’re so sweet!! Like you need to work out, ever!!! I can’t wait to see you! Lmk when you are here!

      • Reply
  • Yea for Bob… and that picture is still amazing 🙂 Loved your thoughts on food!

    • Reply
    • Thanks, Melissa!! Heading over to your site as we “speak”

      • Reply
  • This is such a great post (and I’m totally jealous you met Bob Harper – he’s awesome!!!). I always tell clients/patients diets don’t work so stop trying. Listen to your body and live healthier. Weight loss is a side effect of that. I want them to strive for overall health!

    • Reply
  • This post is being printed/bookmarked/engrained in my mind. I think there are so many incorrect perceptions about what it means to be healthy and how best to take care of your body. I love the emphasis on breakfast and snacking – I can’t live without it. This line “It’s about concentrating on the good things you have going on in your life and emphasizing those instead of concentrating on restricting yourself from the bad” is my new mantra. Thanks so much for this fab post!

    • Reply
    • Katherine, you are so wonderful! Thanks for being so supportive!

      • Reply
  • I didn’t know you were a personal trainer either. Man, I wish we lived closer so you could kick my butt at the gym 🙂 I loved all the healthy eating tips. It is so hard, but I am really trying to eat better and cut back on the sugar. LOL not that you can tell from my blog!!!

    • Reply
    • Oh, friend you are like this teeny tiny little darling. Pretty sure you don’t need my help!

      • Reply
  • I absolutely love this post! I feel very passionately that we need to step away from all of the diet enhancing substitutes and fuel our bodies with FOOD. Fads will never be a long term solution. The only thing that works is finding a balance of of exercies and daily diet that works for YOU and YOUR lifestyle! Telling ourselves that we CAN’T eat x,y, and z, or that we can ONLY eat x, y, and z, will only make us crave the bad stuff more. Everything in moderation, right?

    • Reply
    • EXACTLY!! People get so hung up on never eating certain things again, but in reality they’d be just fine finding ways to enjoy a little bit of everything in moderation.

      • Reply
  • I had no idea you were a personal trainer!!!! I love everything about this post and agree with all of your points!!!

    • Reply
    • Thanks, Liz!!

      • Reply

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